Branch Secretary :

Legal win in battle for women only refuges for homeless women

Significant cuts


We welcome the success of the legal challenge to Camden Council’s practice of accommodating homeless women fleeing abuse in shared hostels with men. The Unite housing workers branch supported PI


Goodlord: Striking for the London Living Wage

Living Wage Foundation urged to end Goodlord accreditation over ‘brutal’ London pay cuts as indefinite strikes begin


Housing branch members have succeeded in winning the London Living Wage from VIEW

Unite opposes No jab, no job’ contracts

“The No Jab, No Job narrative is a disgraceful attempt to create a divisive narrative around workers and the vaccine”


Unite and other trade unions have urged the government to rule out ‘no jab, no job


Worker dies following accident at Clarion site

Gentle giant


A construction worker has died after an accident at a development site owned by the UK’s largest housing association, Clarion. Unite sends condolences to his friends, colleagues and loved ones.


London Living Wage win for Unite at Hestia

Determined stance


Unite at Hestia has chalked up a memorable victory by securing the London Living Wage for all employees. Hestia who had originally only offered to pay the 8 members listed on the griev


Time to talk about housing association pay says Inman

Incentivised by low pay and insecurity


“We need to avoid the conceit that seems to operate in some parts of the economy where chief executives, executives etc need to be incentivised by higher and higher pay and


Sian Berry supports Clarion Housing staff call for safety

London Assembley member Sian Berry calls on Clarion Housing to move to essential repairs only


“As the largest housing association in the country, I hope you will join the majority of other housing associations, c


Housing employers and domestic violence

80% increase


All reports point to an alarming increase in Domestic Violence during the pandemic. Over 80,000 phone calls were made to the National Domestic Abuse hotline in the first three months of lockdown last year.


Hestia paying less than London Living Wage

Staff at Hestia tired and frustrated as many continue to be paid less than the London Living Wage



During the pandemic more and more people are joining Unite housing workers to defend their safety and b


Unite: More concerns regarding needless Covid risk from routine

Portsmouth council accused of exposing tenants and workers to Covid-19


Portsmouth council has been accused of needlessly exposing its council housing tenants and outsourced workers to potential exposure to Covid-19.


COVID: More housing employers move to essential repairs only

95% support for industrial action


Following representations from Unite members Shepherds Bush Housing Association has agreed to move to a policy of carrying out only essential repairs. Unite welcomes this responsible m


Grenfell: Inquiry is slowly revealing scandal

“Almost everyone” affected by safety crisis.


Watching the Grenfell inquiry has been an agonising process for the survivors and bereaved. But it has become clear that fire safety problems are much wider tha


Clarion: campaign to stop non essential repairs risk

Resident support


Repairs workers at Clarion Housing Association are demanding that Clarion reverse their disastrous policy of continuing with non-urgent repairs during the lockdown. Over 200 Clarion workers VIEW | DOWNLOAD

Impasse as Clarion management dig heals in on Covid safety

Impasse as housing association presses ahead with routine repairs, despite Covid-19 fears


Clarion Housing Group, the UK’s largest housing association, is still continuing to insist on pushing ahead with routine r


BAEM workers 26 times harder hit by Covid-19 employment crisis

Pandemic 'holding up irror to discrimination'


Black and Asian ethnic minority (BAEM) workers have been 26 times harder hit by the employment crisis precipitated by the Covid-19 pandemic than their white counter


COVID19: Clarion Housing presses ahead with routine repairs

Calling for essential repairs only


Clarion Housing Group, one of the UK’s largest social landlords, has been pushing ahead with routine repairs at its properties, despite some residents being Covid-19 positive, U


Put a roof over people’s heads

Unite urges Jenrick to further extend ban on evictions for those renting their homes


The UK has some appalling housing inequalities. Overcrowded and unfit accommodation is too common. Millions of people are struggling


Unite calls for eviction ban extension

Jenrick urged to follow Scotland’s footsteps and extend ban on evictions for renters


Thousands of renters are only days away from homelessness unless the government extends the ban on evictions due to end on Mon


New Guide and Health & Safety Meeting - Lockdown 2021

The new year has brought a new set of restrictions as the country entered another national lockdown.


Emergency Branch Meeting



Hestia workers paid under London Living Wage

“We remain committed to paying the London Living Wage for all staff whilst recognising the challenges that the current commissioning climate has on this and in 2018-19 we were able to offer the first increase in basic salaries for staff in over 10 years.” - Hestia, Consolidate


A time like no other, a union like no other

Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey wishes members a happy new year and pledges that. "your union will fight with every bone in its body to make sure that working people do not pay for this crisis."


Front foot


Unite calls for pay rise for NHS workers £3,000-a-year or 15%

Decade of pay austerity

Boris Johnson has been urged to open the government’s wallet and give NHS staff  a substantial pay rise to make up for a decade of pay austerity and in recognition of their role in the continuing batt


Housing association fined: workers suffer serious illness

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)


Onward housing association has been fined £80,000 and ordered to pay costs of £5,293.10 following an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive. Workers developed


The forgotten key workers #MigrantWorkers

Support our charter


Homeless migrant workers are threatened with deportation under new legislation – we are calling for local authorities and homelessness agencies to take a stand against this. See our charter ag


Stop homeless deportations - support the charter

Thousands vulnerable


Changes to Immigration rules mean that rough sleeping is now grounds for refusal or cancellation of permission to stay in the UK. This will render thousands of homeless migrants vulnerable to remov


Unite Briefing: Impact of #COVID19 on women



The impact of COVID-19 has been unequal and Unite workplace reps have been on the front line.



Covid-19 construction guide

Unite has launched a comprehensive construction guide to help ensure the safety of construction workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Important guide


The guide titled  VIEW | DOWNLOAD

Christmas redundancy shock at L&Q housing association



Workers at highly profitable housing association L&Q were shocked to be told of major restructuring and the threat of large-scale redundancies yesterday.


In recent months they


Greenwich council housing workers threaten strike

£20,000 wages’ axe for Greenwich housing repair staff threatens strike action


Greenwich housing repairs could be seriously disrupted as more than 120 workers threaten to strike in the new year over a new pa


St Mungo’s brutal treatment of BAME worker opposed by Unite

Without income for twenty-one weeks

Pease sign our petition here


Female worker comes to the end o


Choppy waters for Social Housing Pension Scheme?

Unite briefing on Social Housing Pension Scheme



The housing trade press have reported concerns that VIEW

3000 Peabody staff covered in new Unite recognition agreement

Amalgamation of Peabody, Family Mosaic and Gallions


Unite has hailed the signing of a new recognition agreement with the Peabody Group housing association today as an ‘excellent result’ for t


Stop the government deporting homeless people!

Crowdfunding legal challenge


Homelessness workers are opposing the disgraceful proposals to deport homeless rough sleepers though their uni


Unite’s Unity over Division Charter – new sign up

First NHS trust signs charter


While Nottingham Community Housing Association signed the charter in June, Unite reps have found resista


Unite: should be no pay freeze for public sector workers

Think tank report touting public sector pay freeze ‘an insult’, says Unite


Public sector employees, many of whom are essential Covid-19 workers, should not be subject to a continuing pay freeze from a gover


Fighting to get housing associations to address racism

St Mungo’s staff appeal to new CEO Steve Douglas


Housing associations have marked black history month and there has been much talk of the importance of equality. But Unite reps and our members report a crushing l


Unite victory on lockdown picketing


Right to picket during lockdown secured following Unite legal challenge


Our branch sent solidarity to Optare strikers


Raising Pay and Conditions for Care and Support Workers

The Unite Housing Workers Branch has organised a national meeting to discuss a multi-sector campaign, bringing together all Unite members working in care and support, and pressing for safe workplaces, fair pay, better treatment, and a social care system with public provision at its core.



Unite backs strike action for Corona bonus

Some employers’ responded positively


Many Unite members in housing have been on the front line during the pandemic. Some employers have responded positively to Unite calls for recognition, but others have been d


Crisis of hunger

As food bank use sky rockets Unite calls for urgent reform of welfare system


The coronavirus pandemic has unleashed a crisis of hunger, as new figures from the Trussell Trust food bank network show a surge in demand fo


Protecting the right to picket

Major legal challenge launched to defend right to picket during lockdown


Our branch sends solidarity to Optare strikers and has agreed a donation. The issues they have faced raise basic issues of de


Spycops inquirey - trade unionists spied on.

Branch meeting Tuesday November 10th




Facing ‘a winter of shrunken incomes and punishing uncertainty'

Unite GS Len McCluskey urges govt to use ‘every lever at its disposal’ and give UK ‘a plan to protect and recover health, jobs and incomes’


As the Jobs Retention Scheme closes the lead


Housing Association bosses get inflation beating pay rises again

Dwarfs anything staff or residents likely to get


Housing association CEOs have had inflation busting pay increases AGAIN this year according to Inside Housing’s annual VIEW

Deportation plans threaten homelessness services

Frontline homelessness workers oppose brutal policy


Homelessness workers reacted with anger at proposals to deport rough sleepers.  Vulnerable people sleeping rough often mistrust agencies and are unwilling to en


Tories reduce winter homeless funding

£1 million less for cold weather shelters


The government announced £12 million of additional cold winter funding to support r


One Housing Group management stop safety inspections

Serious concerns


Last week we reported that, after months of needless delay, management at One Housing Group (OHG) had VIEW

Wear Red Day set to be ‘biggest one yet’

Unite urges everyone to wear the red card


Anti-racist education charity, Show Racism the Red Card, expects this year’s Wear Red Day on Friday (October 16) to be its biggest one yet.




Management at One Housing Group: unresponsive on health & safety

Health and safety in the pandemic


Health and safety at work has taken on a whole new importance during the pandemic. Members have stepped forward to act as workplace health and safety reps and in many cases work well w


One Housing Group plan cuts to youth services

Cuts to youth services



One Housing Group (OHG) recently informed Unite of their intention to restructure its provision for youth support. Not surprisingly its recommendation was to make cuts to th


Unite reps saving lives during the Coronavirus pandemic

Unite safety rep Moe speaks at our branch

Tuesday 13th October


During the pandemic too many workers have lost their lives. New members for unions and reps h


Homeworking requires negotiation and agreement not imposition

Explosion in home working caused by Covid 19


Unite says employers should reach homeworking agreements to avoid an industrial minefield when turning workers' homes into a place of work. 


Outsourcing dogs the housing sector

One Housing Group members fear for jobs



The issue of outsourcing is an issue which is continuing to dog our sector and is another way whereby employers can drive down wages and conditions. Th


Unite demand £500 payment & extra day holiday for risking health

£500 payment and an extra day’s holiday for risking their health working through the pandemic.


Hackney drivers are 'pathfinder'



Unite – responding to employer bad behaviour in the pandemic

Below Sharon Graham outlines Unite’s approach to some of the key workplace challenges we are facing in the crisis. We reproduce this from the ‘Work Voice Pay’ website which also contain


Too Many Employers Do Not Take Climate Change Seriously

Branch survey


The branch recently held a survey of members concerning environmental issues. We wanted to get a sense of members’ concerns, how they felt about their employers’ attitudes to the environment,


Show Racism the red card partnership with Unite

Wear red day


The UK’s leading anti-racism education charity, Show Racism the Red Card (SRtRC), will tomorrow (Thursday 24 September) launch its new partnership with Unite the Union in support of the charity&rsquo


Track and trace doomed to fail unless sick pay raised

Majority of workers face hardship if forced to self isolate on SSP


Any attempts to control the coronavirus pandemic through test and trace efforts are doomed to fail unless statutory sick pay (SSP) is increased as a ma


Govt’s ‘scrimping’ could cost lives

Unite slams measly £13 a day for low waged self-isolators



Thirteen quid a day. Not a lot really when you take your bills, outgoings, kids’ school uniforms, gas – not to mention food &


Local government pay scales: Unite members reject offer

Real terms pay cut of over 20 per cent


Many workers in housing associations are paid on local government scales and have faced similar real terms pay cuts.


About 100,000 council workers, mem


Industrial action in prospect at Riverside

Unite members in Riverside Housing call centres are to consider industrial action. Housing workers in LE1111 branch face many similar issues and the branch sends solidarity to Unite members at Riverside.


Shift pattern changes


Unite: new domestic violence agreement in housing association

Seventy hours paid leave


Unite recently came to a new agreement with Peabody housing on domestic violence. It agrees to provide up to seventy hours of paid leave for employees experiencing domestic abuse and to be flex


Vulnerable workers return to work: Unite support

327,000 ‘extremely vulnerable’ workers


New Unite checklist for reps


Amid the confused messaging concerning VIEW

Sanctuary Slammed on Equalities

Statement in response to Sanctuary Housing Association's treatment of black resident, Selma Nicholls 


By Andrew Bindi, Black & Asian Minority Ethnic Officer


Another case depicting the great disparity that exists between p


Unite fears for vulnerable as shielding ends

Worried about returning to work?


There’s no doubt that life in full lockdown was tough even for the most resolutely optimistic of us. Maybe you were a parent trying also to be both an employee and a teacher as we


Unite reps training: Equalities and Covid + Environmental reps

The pandemic has cut acrosss normal training for reps. Here are two opportunities available over the summer.


Following the election of a branch Eb


BAME representation at senior levels - a G15 intiative

Sector has gone backwards


The ‘G15’ group of twelve large London based housing associations has launched a diploma management programme which it is claimed will increase BAME representation at senior levels


Mass evictions threatened

Cancel rent


The threat of eviction has been a major topic of discussion among branch members fearing for their own homes once the eviction ban is lifted and wondering what landlords that they work for will do.



Construction site safety procedures ‘inadequate’

Unite won't back Construction COVID procedures until PPE and hygiene failings resolved


Unite has stated that it will not support the latest version of the Construction Leadership Council’s site operating proc


Deaths in construction up by 33% Health & Safety Executive cut

Construction accounts for a third of work related deaths


Unite is warning that the large increase in construction deaths could be related to a steep fall in proactive inspections and prosecutions being undert


Branch meeting: What next for Black Lives Matter and the unions?

Fighting back


Following the police killing of George Floyd in Minnesota there has been a huge wave of demonstrations and protests around the world. Many branch members have been on the London events.



Silica dust: Warning to construction workers about PPE shortage

Unite: don’t risk your heath


Unite is urging workers not to risk their health if they are not supplied with the correct PPE.


Silica is a natural substance found in varying amounts in mo


One Housing Group finally honours London Living Wage agreement

Follows pressure from Unite



One Housing Group (OHG) failed to honour their commitment to increase pay for low paid members of staff to the level of the London Living Wage as promised back in


Inquiry into Covid-19 worker death rates call

ONS report on Covid-19 worker deaths increases concerns about inequality and working practices


Unite is calling for an urgent ‘warts and all’ public inquiry into the death rates of workers from Covid-19 dur


PETITION - Pay OHG staff £1000 Corona Bonus now!

Lives risked


Unite members at One Housing Group (OHG) are campaigning for every member of staff to receive a Corona Bonus of £1000 - see our earlier report VIEW

St Mungos: Chance for new start after deportation scandal

New CEO: Chance for new start after Home Office information sharing scandal


The appointment of a new St Mungo’s Chief Executive, VIEW

Unite urges government to see sense on social distancing

Arguments for blanket reduction of social distancing do not stack up


As the government prepares to report on the conclusions of its review into the two metre social distancing rules Unite, has repeated its offer to dep


Unite’s #WorthMore pay campaign

Local government pay


Some members in housing associations are paid on local authority scales and many, particularly in supported housing, work in local authority funded projects. Our branch gives full support to the lo


One Housing Group staff campaign for £1000 corona bonus

2% increase looks like insult


Unite members at One Housing Group (OHG) are campaigning for every member of staff to receive a Corona Bonus of £1000. Many OHG staff have worked throughout lockdown a


Debate: using police in supported housing projects

Conversations around policing


In recent weeks the Black Lives Matter protests have reverberated around the world. Many branch members have been on protests. It is no surprise that they have been a factor in increas


Housing Association to sign Unite’s Unity over Division charter

Race equality


Unite and Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA) will tomorrow (Tuesday 16 June) sign a ground-breaking agreement committing to working together to promote a more tolerant and inclusive


Green Unionism

Over half of carbon emissions are work-related so unions such as Unite have a vital role to play in putting pressure on bosses to reduce workplace emissions. Here, the Housing Workers Branch Environmental Officer, Roderick Cobley, explains why were are now encouraging the election of work


Carers’ Week: workplace carer’s policies can make a difference

Trivallis implement carer’s policy


Unite rep Justin Morgan, who works as carpenter for a housing association in Wales, has become a big champion for carers – despite not being one himself.



Housing sector losing ground on BME representation

Need to strengthen union


The housing sector has ‘lost ground’ on BME representation according to


Unite solidarity: Protests responding to George Floyd’s murder

This abuse of power must end now


Speaking in response to protests in the UK, US and across the globe, Len McCluskey, Unite general secretary, said:


"Unite stands in solidarity with all t


Unite homelessness workers warn of rough sleeping disaster

Rough sleepers asked to move in with family


Housing minister Luke Hall has written to local councils asking them to put in place plans to support rough sleepers as the lockdown restrictions are eased. He suggests that


Reducing social distancing to 1m doubles infection risk

New evidence on social distancing is important in many sectors including both hospitalty and also in housing.


Physical distancing matters


Reducing the two metre social distancing re


Workers Uniting statement: killing of George Floyd in Minnesota

We cannot be silent


Workers Uniting, the transnational union representing over 3 million workers across the UK, Ireland, United States, Canada and Mexico is outraged and appalled at the killing of a Black man, George F


Unite: Class & race biggest factors for COVID19 victims

Systemic failures


Class and race are the biggest factors in determining those that have died or been taken ill by Covid-19.


Unite has called for a raft of policies to tackle the ‘system


Unite: construction procedures put workers at risk

Unite has sent an open letter to Mark Reynolds, the skills workstream lead of the Construction Leadership Council (CLC), warning that the organisation’s site operating procedures (SOP) are placing workers at risk.


Various versio


Unite: construction procedures put workers at risk

Unite has sent an open letter to Mark Reynolds, the skills workstream lead of the Construction Leadership Council (CLC), warning that the organisation’s site operating procedures (SOP) are placing workers at risk.


Various versio


Rough sleeping: with resources real change is possible

Funding quietly pulled


On the 27th March, the Government told Councils across the UK to bring people sleeping on the streets to Hotels. According to the Government this has led to 90% of rough sleepers receiving an off


Unite on COVID19 and the mental health crisis

Unite highlights pandemic anxieties as majority of workers fear losing their jobs


Millions of workers are anxious about the future of their jobs, a new poll published this week shows.




Unite to PM `step away' from public sector pay freeze proposal

Workers are on the frontline saving lives


Commenting on the


Risk assessment COVID19


Mental health issues top workers' lockdown concerns

A survey by Unite  has found that workers’ concerns about their mental health have increased dramatically since the lockdown began.


Proactive approach


As a result Unite is calling


Britons want major economic reform – now and after COVID-19

New poll shows hunger for change


A new national poll on behalf of the Unite trade union today finds a country 'hungry for major change' to how our economy works and how key workers are rewar


A Network of Protection for Housing Operatives

Unite activists from a number of housing associations have formed a network to help ensure that operatives and maintenance staff (including plumbers, electricians, and gas engineers), are able to work without putting their health at risk. They also want to minimise the chances of carrying Co


Len McCluskey on government back to work proposals

You will be aware of the great media speculation surrounding our governments' developing proposals to get the country fully back to work as we seek to take the country out of the coronavirus lockdown.


Of course, many of you have been at work throughout thi


Branch Meeting - Unite & the Labour Party - 6pm on 12th May

We have a full and exciting agenda for our next Branch Meeting, including a very special guest speaker. The meeting is open to all branch members and everyone is welcome.


The meeting details are:



Smoke Pollution: A Call for Immediate Remedial Action

During the current respiratory pandemic, we all take responsibility for protecting ourselves, as advised by the Government, scientists and medical professionals. But there is one thing we have no control over: the air we breathe.


It is a well-established fact that Engla


Clarion housing: sign petition against cruel dismissal


Say No to Clarion sacking of disabled Employee


"Our priority during the coronavirus outbreak is to do everything we can to best protect our residents and staff.


Covid-19 and Domestic Abuse: Join the email campaign

We are pleased to be support of this important campaign

The Government urgently needs to allocate ringfenced funding to ensure survivors of domestic abuse who flee abusi


COVID19: Centrepoint staff want their voice to be heard

Fears and concerns



Unite members at Centrepoint recently met to discuss the response to the Corona Outbreak within their own organisation. Members expressed their fears and concerns around issues


Construction workers now eligible for COVID19 tests

Unite has welcomed the announcement that construction workers are now eligible for targeted COVID-19 testing.


Testing announcement


The announcement was made by the health secretary Matt


Fighting for Our Lives

Open Meeting for Building Operatives and Maintenance Workers


As maintenance workers and operative staff are being called back to work, or are concerned about repeated exposure to Covid-19 without adequate protecti


People still rough sleeping: Read about it, sign the petition

Two articles on rough sleeping and see below for petition.


Homelessness worker and branch secretary Jack Jeffrey writes:


Homeless people still not able to access accommodation


COVID 19 Testing needed for construction workers

Key workers


Construction workers must be included in the government’s targeted Covid19 testing of key workers in order to help halt the disease’s spread, Unite said today.


Unite a


Housebuilding must not be put before health

Unite has warned that there are growing fears that building new homes is being put ahead of the health and welfare of construction workers and their families.


Housebuilding safety 


The u


A Minutes Silence: Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) is calling on all workers to observe a minute's silence at 11am on International Workers' Memorial Day, 28th April 2020. (See also event details


Fighting for a Corona Bonus

Since the Corona virus epidemic, Housing workers have shown how essential they are to the health and well-being of society. Their role has been to ensure that even the most vulnerable of street homeless are provided with shelter and support, and are able to socially distance in a safe environment


Covid regulations unsafe: Unite launches safety hotline

Regulations unsafe



Unite has warned the government that the latest guidance on how construction sites should operate during the current COVID-19 pandemic, is unsafe and places construction workers at u


Unite Victory: MTVHA Redundancies Halted!

Unite members at MTVHA have secured a welcome victory in the case of two members who were due to be made redundant. (See here and VIEW

New COVID 19 equalities checklist from Unite

Unite Equalities have produced a Covid 19 checklist for action. You can view it by downloading here.


See also our health and safety toolkit VIEW | DOWNLOAD

Coronavirus: rights for 'vulnerable' employees

Q: What are my rights as an employee who is in a vulnerable or at-risk group?


This week, Unite solicitor Alys Cunningham explains what your rights are as a worker who is ‘at-risk’ – t


Coronavirus: testing must include homelessness workers

Deadly consequences


Working as a rep in a homelessness organisation I welcome the government’s plans to expand testing to cover frontline social care staff. However, it needs to explicitly include frontline homel


Unite: lack of PPE is national scandal



Unite reps in housing and homelessness are working hard to ensure that safety standards are maintained – in some cases they have been able to work positively VIEW

St Mungos staff - rising health and safety concerns

Five new reps


Five health and safety reps have been elected over the past couple of weeks at the homelessness charity St Mungo’s reflecting mounting concerns from staff about the organisation’s inadequate a


We demand to be safe - negotiation not imposition

Employers must take responsibility


Workers more than anyone are at the forefront of this pandemic, doing everything they can in all situations to kill off this disease and keep us safe. We all want to do our bit to p


Lack of social distancing for Mears housing maintenance workers

Business as usual not good enough


Our branch, along with Unite nationally, has experienced a growth in membership during the Coronaviru


Why I became a health and safety rep

Members are stepping up


The stakes are high and housing workers have been turning to Unite to defend themselves at work in the current pandemic.  In the branch, and nationally, Unite membership has been


Unite will leave no worker behind

Battle to ensure safety


Unite will leave no worker behind — that is the message workers are hearing as they turn to the collective protection of their trade union in this time of unprecedented turmoil.


Open Letter to Housing Minister: Protect Our Maintenance Workers

Representatives from Unite @ Thirteen Group and the Unite Housing Workers Branch have today jointly called on the Housing Minister Robert Jenrick, plus the executives of the Regulator of Social Housing, Health and Safety Executive and Gas Safe to meet with Unite over protections for maintenance s


Safety agreement for homelessness workers

Saving lives


The housing and homelessness workers of our branch are playing a key role in saving lives and keeping people safe throughout the coronavirus crisis demonstrating the role that trade unions can&nb


Unite opposes inferior construction safety advice

Inferior CITB coronavirus construction advice should be ditched to avoid dangerous working practices


Unite is calling on the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) to withdraw its ‘


St Mungo's must pay £18,000 to victimised former employee

Shocking facts


The homelessness charity St Mungo’s has been told to pay almost £18,000 to a former staff member who was found to have been victimised after an abandoned bullying investigation from 14 years


MTVHA: Members Fear Culture of Racism

We reported previously on the case of an MTVHA member, Andrew Bindi, whose redundancy following a restructure is to go ahead despite the change in the jobs market, and despite government guidance on job retention (see


Unite: Social care workers need PPE too!

Vital support


Social care workers are amongst the army of key workers providing vital support to thousands of individuals who are more dependent on such services than ever before.


But it seem


Unite LE1111 in call to support domestic violence service

Urgent action for DV suvivors needed during COVID19 energency


The Unite houisng workers branch has joined with other organisations supporting a letter<


Please Sign Our Petition

The Unite Housing Workers Branch has today launched a petition in an urgent attempt to stop the redundancy of member Andrew Bindi at a time when his prospects for securing alternative employment are almost zero.


Please sign our petition VIEW

Unite: Social care workers must be provided with full protection

Workers need full protective equipment


Unite reps in homelessness agencies have been pressing for decent safety standards, leave for self-isolating staff not to trigger absence procedures, and support for self empl


Govt urges 'at risk' groups to stay at home including workers

The government have announced they will write to ‘at risk groups’ during the crisis saying they should take twelve weeks away from work.
Anyone who receives the letter from NHS England asking you to stay home should be offe


Unite: extend wage assistance to self employed

Help the million bogus self employed in construction


Unite is calling on the government to extend its wage support scheme announced last Friday (20 March), to protect the million plus workers trapped in bogus self-empl


COVID17: New Unite helpline &

New Unite helpline

Plea to chancellor - UK workers need income guarantees now to a


St Mungo's: strike continues, pickets canceled.

Unite calls off final day of St Mungo’s picket lines in response to Coronavirus crisis


Unite has said that it is calling off the final day of planned picket lines and rallies tomorrow (18 March) in the St Mungo&r


COVID19: TUC guidance

We had a good discussion on coronavirus at our highly succesful branch agm on Saturday. The new TUC guidance is here


There are a number of other reports on this question on this website including


St Mungo's worker ‘We just want to be listened to’

Taking action


Homeless people are among the most vulnerable groups in society – indeed while the average person in the UK can expect to live well past 75, the average rough sleeper in Britain will be lucky to liv


St Mungo’s CEO slammed for weaponising coronavirus

Stop blaming staff for your leadership mistakes


Unite has warned the CEO of the homeless charity St Mungo’s, Howard Sinclair, to ‘stop blaming staff for your leadership mistakes’ as hundreds of worker


St Mungos strike: Support details

Protests and pickets


There will be strike action from Monday 16th March to 18th March inclusive. There will be pickets and protests. Confirmed speakers include Diarmaid Ward, who is the cabinet member for housing at Is


Cornovirus: full pay for Sanctuary self isolating workers

Unite raising need for sector to respond to Coronavirus


Unite reps in the sector are raising the need to respond to the Coronavirus crisis and unions nationally have raised VIEW

St Mungos worker: Why I am Striking

St Mungos workers put vulnerable service users first


St Mungo’s CEO Howard Sinclair taken to the Dai


St Mungos Strike Fund Appeal

Workers at the homelessness charity St Mungo’s are gearing up for three days of strike action from March 16 to 18 inclusi


Coronavirus: Sick pay from day one call

Government urged to guarantee sick pay


The threat of a coronavirus pandemic and the measures taken to contain it have exposed insecurity in the workplace as many workers face the prospect of being forced to stay home w


St Mungos: One workers experience of its sickness policy

Serious equalities questions


A draconian approach to sickness is one of the issues involved in the dispute at the homelessness charity St Mungo’s. The organisations HR department repeatedly unite managers, union


St Mungos: ‘No option but to walk out’

Unite calls for St Mungos CEO to step down as strike dates set


Workers at the homelessness charity St Mungo’s are gearing up for three days of strike action from March 16 to 18 inclusive, after last ditch talks,


New Unite briefing on Social Housing Pension Scheme

Housing associations attack pension benefits


Unite's pension advisor, John Neal has prepared a new briefing on the biggest pension scheme in the housing sector - see below.


We recently re


Branch Annual General Meeting 2020

The Unite Housing Workers Branch will be holding its Annual General Meeting in March. The meeting is open to all members and is an excellent opportunity to discuss the work of the past year and the priorities for the year ahead.



New money “doesn’t repair the damage done by years of austerity”

‘Revolving door’ of housing ministers hinders plans to eradicate rough sleeping


The ‘disgraceful’ number of rough sleepers across the country demands a joined


Clarion Housing pushing people into poverty when they retire

Slap in the face to workers


Commenting on reports that the UK’s largest housing association Clarion is to hike employee pension contributions by up to 22.9 per cent a year, Unite regional officer Matt Freeman sai


Making a Point at Peabody

Protestors gathered outside Peabody Head Office on Wednesday 19th February to make the point that cuts to the community and neighbourhood services cost lives, and are counter-productive.


We're sending a message to the sector: Restore Neighbourhood Services!



EU rough sleepers and the NHS


This report was originally published by the Public Interest Law Centre. Our branch has been active on the rights of EU rough sleepers and we have consista


'Humans forgotten'

Unite criticises report on Artificial Intelligence in the public sector.


Unite has criticised a new report on the ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in public services for failing to discuss the real threat to publ


Beyond #MeToo

Heart unions week: Unite calls for legislation to prevent sexual harassment at work


A strong majority of people believe the #MeToo movement has allowed them to be more open about sexual harassment, VIEW

First home discounts: investment in public housing still needed

First home discounts for key workers must be part of a sustainable housing strategy


Government plans to give key workers 30 per cent discounts on their first homes must be balanced with a council housing strategy that


Rough sleepers bin shelter ‘dangerous and offensive'

Unite calls out Millionaire


A supposed shelter made of two wheelie bins designed by a multimillionaire to help rough sleepers is ‘dangerous and grossly offensive’, Unite said today.


Local government pay: 2% offer rejected

Members of our branch work in housing organisations that are not government departments many of us are on local government linked pay scales and our jobs are often in a Labour market greatly influenced by local government pay.


The three unions representing coun


Protest to Restore Neighbourhood Services!

Join us for the protest against cuts to neighbourhood services, and send a message across the sector.


Peabody plans to drastically cut its Neighbourhood Managers and has done away with the Community Services team. We believe these cuts will cost lives. 



St Mungo’s staff vote to strike in ‘race to the bottom’ row

83.7% for strike


Hundreds of members of staff working for the homeless charity, St Mungo’s, are set to strike after voting by 83.7 per cent for action in a dispute over the reinstatement of ‘race to the bot


St Mungos: 83% vote for strike action

Unite members in St Mungo’s have voted to strike unless management comes to its senses. They have voted to defend the


Unite supports Long-Bailey and Burgon for Labour Leader

Commitment to radical manifestos


After widespread discussion thoughout the union and in our branch Unite agreed to nominate candidates for leader and deputy leader of the Labour Party. Here our branch secretary Suz


Unite immigration helpline

Brexit concern


Members originally from outside the UK who are concerned about VIEW

Cost of living crisis

Wages would have been 27% higher by now if the pre-crisis trend had continued


The “cost of living crisis” is showing no sign of coming to an end. Only now, over ten years after the financial crisis are wage


Grenfell suppliers request for immunity is a disgrace



Unite, the UK and Ireland’s largest union, which is supporting 65 core participants at the inquiry into the Grenfell fire has described as ‘absolutely outrageous’, the revelation that companie


Unite support for Enfield ‘no cuts’ councillor Tolga Aramaz

No cuts budgets


The Regional Committee of Unite has voted to support the stand of Enfield Labour councillor Tolga Aramaz in Enfield who is refusing to vote for cuts budgets.


The resolution ca


Unite appeals to St Mungo’s board

Race to bottom


Unite has appealed to the St Mungo's board of trustees to ‘help rebuild trust’ by persuading senior management to reconsider its position and join last-ditch talks, ahead of the strike ba


Grenfell inquirey: Johnson appointee steps down.

Call for change in inquirey

Following calls by residents and by Unite, Benitra Mehra has now resigned. VIEW | DOWNLOAD

Unite: Grenfell advisor must withdraw

Conflicted Grenfell adviser must withdraw from inquiry demands Unite


Unite, the UK and Ireland’s largest union, which is supporting 65 core participants at the Grenfell Inquiry has written to Benita Mehra, who wa


More concern at St Mungos 'eroding' workers organisation

Engaging expensive consultancy


News that St Mungo’s Chief Executive Howard Sinclair has been corresponding with an expensive consultancy about how to stop people joining the union and VIEW

Unite campaigns to challenge the rise of the far-right

Unity over division


In recent years the far right has remerged in Britain and across the Europe.


Far right political parties and groups are trying to gain a foothold in communities across the


'Jacks Law' should be first step in extending bereavement leave

Time off for grieving parents


Unite has called on the government to extend bereavement leave to those who have lost a close relative or suffered a miscarriage following the announcement today that grieving parents wil


Local government pay claim: ‘We are worth it’

Local authority workers demand fair pay after decade of austerity


Members of our branch work in housing organisations that are not government departments many of us are on local government linked pay scales and our


Unite marks Holocaust Memorial Day

"We must learn lessons from history"


Holocaust Memorial Day this year on Monday (January 27) observes two important milestones – the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and the 25th annivers


Working from home: who pays?


Working from home is becoming increasingly common in the housing sector and a recent Guardian article ‘Should your employer pay your bills if you work from


St Mungos: Unite reps say vote yes

Unite members at St Mungo's deserve to be treated fairly and with respect. But their employer has pushed ahead with changes that threaten jobs, working conditions and the quality of services to vulnerable rough sleepers. 


Unite is re-balloting members for strik


Bring Sanctuary Care contracts in-house

Local authorities must bring contracts back 'in-house' after criminal investigation


Unite is urging local authorities who have contracts with Sanctuary Care to bring them ‘back in-house’ after a cri


Survey Says: Associations Fail Workers and Communities!

1st January 2020


At the end of 2019, the Social Housing Action Campaign (SHAC) conducted a survey of tenants and residents, asking respondents to rate the service they received from their landlord.



Bite Sized Bargaining: ‘Hot-desking’

Unite members take up issues that impact all areas of our work - not just pay.  Unite recently produced this guide to 'hot desking', what do you think?



Unite calls on St Mungos boss to stand down

Email blunder reveals shameful anti union tactics


Unite has called on Howard Sinclair, CEO of homelessness charity St Mungo’s, to step down immediately after a misdirected email revealed that the charity had work


Modern day slavery in the construction industry

Construction must be forced to change practices following exposure of modern day slavery


Unite is calling for fundamental changes in the way that the construction industry is organised and for the


New poll: Mass social rent building is key vote winner

Housing revolution


A new poll shows the electoral importance of Labour’s commitment to a mass programme of social house building.


We need to get the message out that Labour supports a <


When Labour wins.. election material

When Labour wins, volunatry sector workers win...


Download the voluntary sector leaflet here



Unite in legal battle over bogus self employment in construction

Legal battle with Munnelly group


Unite began legal proceedings against the Munnelly Group and several of its subsidiaries in March 2019, claiming its workers’ were being denied holiday pay and other basic employ


Labour declares “moral mission” to end rough sleeping

Impact of austerity


Our members working with rough sleepers have a burning awareness of the impact of austerity.  As a branch we have produced material highlighting the impact of VIEW

Replying to Peabody management on 'social mission'

The reposnse below has been submitted to Inside Housing as a 'letter to the editor.'


Businesses "driven by money concerns"


Last week’s column by Peabody Chief Executiv


Tell Trump: hands off our NHS!

Branch meet up


Tuesday December 3rd


Unite demands stronger asbestos legislation

Damning report – public put at risk


Unite has demanded the government enact stronger asbestos legislation after a VIEW

Raising the bargaining bar



Delegates at Unite’s sector conferences in Brighton have been meeting this week to discuss the formation of industry-wide responses to issues like insecure work, outsourcing and automati


TheGuardian: Why isnt homelessness election priority? A response

"Britain has a horrific homelessness crisis. Why isn't it an election priority?"


This is the headline for an article in todays VIEW

‘When Labour wins we all win’

Labour will transform working peoples lives


Unite’s sector conferences meet this week at an extraordinary time in our politics. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to elect a government that gives work


It’s Time to Be Honest about Housing

For decades terms like 'affordable,' 'social,' 'mixed' have been used as cover for market failures in housing - it's time to move on from those schemes and commit to a real solution: council housing. Branch member Glyn Robbins has this in VIEW

Meridian Water: Call for truly affordable council homes

Halt plans for unaffordable homes - build council homes under a Labour government


Chance to offer hope to those trapped by Enfield's housing emergency



Peabody surplus up – but pressing ahead with brutal cuts

Strike ballot


Peabody Housing today announced a £14 million rise in it’s surplus in the last six months taking it to £67 million.


Meanwhile neighbourhood Managers faced with


Pay claim for Peabody Care and Support

No pay rise for six years


Some of Peabody Housing staff in its Care and Support Directorate have received no pay increase for six years.


To make matters worse they get smaller pension contrib


Victimised Mungos Worker Speaks - November Branch Meeting

St Mungos was found guilty at Tribunal of victimising one of its workers for bringing an equal pay claim. The worker will speak at the next branch meeting. The finding adds to the long list of misdemeanors committed by the organisation, including being forced to apologise for sharing data on migr


St Mungo’s apologise for sharing rough sleeper information

Executive still in place after role in deportations


St Mungo’s Chief Executive Howard Sinclair has apologised for sharing information about migrant rough sleepers with the Home Office saying, “The executive


£1 million cuts plan: Peabody workers announce strike ballot

Devastating consequences


Peabody housing plan £1 million cuts to housing management budgets by March 2020 with potentially devastating consequences to residents and workers. Unite members have voted overwhelmingl


Pay victory for Greenwich housing workers

Strike suspended


About 120 housing repair workers at Greenwich council have suspended their strike action (reported here) after securing a


Unite reps success confronting workplace Brexit challenge

Combat industrial problems


Major new research shows that Unite members are working together to successfully confront the challenges Brexit is presenting in workplaces up and down the country. Despite widespread po


Greenwich housing repair workers to strike

Five day strike over new pay structure


About 120 housing repair workers at Greenwich council are to strike for five days in disgust over the way they have been treated; see earlier report VIEW

Housing Association bosses pay up 3.61% this year

Inflation beating increases for housing bosses


It’s October and as we have come to expect, Inside Housing magazine have produced their survey of the pay of VIEW

Equal Pay: St Mungos victimise female worker

Low ethical standards


Homelessness workers across the sector continue to express dismay at the low ethical standards of senior management at St Mungos which can undermine the important work carried out by its staff.


Workers at ForViva housing association vote to strike

Over 90% vote for strike


Unite housing maintenance workers at,the north west based housing association ‘ForViva’ have voted to strike with a 90.6% majority.  The 100 electricians, plumbers, roofers and


Greenwich council housing repair workers vote to strike

Pay Structure


About 120 housing repair workers at Greenwich council have overwhelmingly voted to strike as they are disgusted over the way they are being treated, Unite, Britain and Ireland’s largest union, said


Stop the Rot! Open Meeting

We are demanding an end to frontline cuts and restructures.


The Unite Housing Workers Branch has teamed up with the Social Housing Action Campaign, bringing together tenants, residents and workers affected by frontline cuts and restructures.



Arguing With Accounts - Reps Forum Training Session

The social housing sector is rich. So how come our employers argue that cuts to our pay, terms and conditions are needed?


When economic efficiency is used as an argument, management can point to apparently impenetrable accounts for their justification.



Unite report exposes Universal Credit

Bombshell report launched today laying bare the misery of Universal Credit


A ‘bombshell’  VIEW

Firefighters important new report on Grenfell

Fire fighters:  Austerity and privatisation by consecutive governments led to Grenfell


An important new report from the Fire Brigade Union (FBU), points to the real causes of the fire at Grenfell Tower.


Climate Strike - 20th Sepember 2019

This week, Unite Assistant General Secretary Steve Turner joined many other union leaders when he called on the trade union movement to back school climate change strikes on 20 September. He told the Trade Union Congress:




St Mungos ballot result

St Mungos members:


Thank you to everyone who returned their ballot paper. 


78% of you voted in  favour of strike action.  This is a very strong indication of h


Notting Hill Genesis


Organising a Flying Start at Notting Hill Genesis

Calling All Reps and Activists!

Unite has now announced the date of the next national Housing Reps Forum. This meeting involving all branches representing members in housing associations and other housing bodies is a great opportunity for reps to meet and build campaigns across the sector.



St Mungos: Why I'm voting yes part3

St Mungo’s members share their stories


In the third of our series of first-hand accounts from Unite members at St Mungo’s on why they’re voting for strike action, we meet two more members* w


St Mungos: Why I'm voting yes for action


Why Im voting yes


"This strike is about similar issues to the strike in 2014. The success of that strike has protected terms and conditions since then and we need to stand together now


Unite launches silica register

Unite launches silica register to protect workers whose health could be damaged by dust inhalation

Work in houisng and construction can lead to contact


St Mungos in industrial action ballot

Management walked out of the last negotiations at the ACAS conciliation service. For more about the dispute see here - and for victimisation concerns see VIEW

St Mungos urged to investigate victimisation claim

Trade union victimisation allegation


Unite is today urging Robert Napier, the chair of the board of the homeless charity St Mungo’s, to carry out an immediate investigation into an allegation of victimisat


Strike ballot at St Mungos



Unite has expressed disappointment at the collapse of talks at ACAS to resolve the dispute over the changes to terms and conditions at the St Mungo


Mark Francois MP to Raise Unite @ Sanctuary Issues

Mark Francois MP has agreed to raise the detrimental contract changes being threatened by Sanctuary Care on behalf of our members working in the service.


On the 2nd July, reps and branch officers went to meet with Clive Efford MP who agreed to write to Sanctuary stressi


Unite wins paid time off for Peabody worker

Threatened with weapon


Peabody Unite were recently successful in obtaining paid time off for an operative working in an area of the business treated as a subsidiary and therefore where no sick pay is paid.



Peabody Reps Win Safety Victory!

Unite reps at Peabody have successfully challenged the practice of refusing paid sickness leave for operatives in a case that clearly demonstrates the empowerment of staff through an organised union.


The member concerned was an operative working in an area of the b


St Mungos: further talks

Unite in further Acas talks with homeless charity St Mungo’s after no progress is made

A second round of talks aimed at resolving a long running dispute between the UK and Ireland’s largest unio


Grave concerns about leadership of homelessness agencies



Unite housing workers welcome reports that some Labour councils are VIEW

Next Steps for Unite @ Centrepoint

Unite @ Centrepoint is consulting members on the next stages in its pay campaign.


Unite have been negotiating with Centrepoint management over a period of time regarding the annual cost of living award. Despite all efforts negotiators were unable to reach


Unite Deputation to Greenwich Councillors

Camila, Theresa, Comfort, Julie and Yvette were the five workers from Sanctuary Care who visited Councillor Babatola on Saturday 6th July as part of Unite's campaign to scupper Sanctaury's attempt to cut their terms and conditions. They were the five incredibles, five women who refus


Branch Summer Social 2019

We are delighted to announce details of our Branch's 2019 Summer Social. Please join us for food, drink, and lots of good chat!


August Soc


St Mungos: talks to avoid strike action.

Unite in crunch talks with homeless charity St Mungo’s to avoid strike vote


Crunch talks between Unite and the homeless charity St Mungo’s are set to take place tomorrow (Friday 12 July) at the conciliation service Acas i


Next Branch Meeting - Tuesday 9th July

Please come along and tell us about the issues for members in your workplace; we can discuss strategies, and identify branch support:

Unite joins new campaign to end sexual harassment at work

Sexual harassment rife


Unite has joined the TUC and an alliance of other unions, charities and women’s rights groups in a new campaign to end sexual harassment in the workplace.


The lau


Cautious welcome to new CITB bricklaying training scheme

Unite, the construction union, has given a cautious welcome to a new initiative by the Construction industry Training board (CITB) designed to help ensure trainee bricklayers gain the


Sanctuary Care Members Meet Clive Efford MP

Representatives from three Sanctuary Care homes in Greenwich met with Clive Efford MP to outline grave concerns about proposed cuts to their working conditions which they believed would also be detrimental to the vulnerable residents they care for. Also present were the Branch Secretary and


New survey finds stress epidemic amongst housing workers

Burnt out, undervalued and poorly paid


A new survey of housing association workers has revealed an epidemic of work-related stress among staff who feel burned out, undervalued and poorly paid.




BAME workers discipined by St Mungos

Deepening problem


When Unite looks at figures for disciplinaries we almost always find more frequent use of disciplinary procedures and higher penalties being doled out to black and minority ethnic workers. Where a dr


Unite @ Sanctuary Members Update

Members working at Sanctuary Care have received a letter from Sanctuary management stating, among other things, that:

  • the consultation


Concern at treatment of Unite rep at St Mungos

Targeting the convenor: full support from the branch


The leadership team at St. Mungo's is targeting the Lead Unite Convenor at St Mungo’s in an attempt to intimidate and restrict Uni


Grenfell Anniversary Event - 14th June

The Unite Housing Branch and the Social Housing Action Campaign (SHAC) will participate in the Grenfell anniversary event on the 14th June.



Calling All Unite Sanctuary Members!

Sanctuary Housing Group has continued with its plan to reward long-serving, hard-working frontline staff, who care for vulnerable residents and service users, by threatening to cut their pay, terms and conditions.


Our Unite @ Sanctuary members are uncowed, and gearing u


BBC Panorama’s ‘Crisis in Care’

Unite statement on Panorama's 'Crisis in Care' programme


Reacting to BBC Panorama's programme broadcast last night (Wednesday, 29 May) Gail Cartmail, Unite's assistant general secretary for the pub


Preventing violence: Unite calls for statutory duty

Tackling serious violence needs real investment in preventative services!


Unite has submitted its response to the Home Office's draft plans for a new legal duty to


St Mungos update

Unite in St Mungos


While the need for homelessness services continues to rise, the management in some of the providers have been acting like commercial organisations seeking


Transforming the estate I work in

The current issue of Tribune carries this article in which a branch member and housing manager describes the transformation of the estate where he works as the area is rebranded tech city.


The neoliberal city


Housing association cuts hours with no loss of pay

Welcome contrast



A London housing association is to cut working hours with no loss of pay, bucking the trend in social housing.



Unrealistic workloads and mou


Unite @ Centrepoint Pay Survey Now Open!

Unite @ Centrepoint has launched a survey of members to consult on the latest offer from the executive, and find out whether members will agree to strike action if the organisation doesn't improve on


RPI inflation hits 3.0%

Pay falling behind



“The recent jump in the retail prices index (RPI) to 3% means that pay awards are falling slightly behind inflation, according to analysis by XpertHR” reports VIEW

Voices need to be heard - youth service cuts

The young and people supporting them must be recognised


This blog was written by Orintha Lloyd as part of her work experience with Unite and clearly demonstrates that young people nee


70% of LGBT people sexually harassed at work - join the union!

70% of LGBT people sexually harassed at work - join the union, contact your Unite reps


  • A TUC study into LGBT sexual harassment at work in the UK found that nearly 7 in 10 (68%) lesbian, gay, bisexual


Peabody's well known Community Safety Team threatened

Domestic violence service threatened


Staff were shocked last weel to hear of brutal and sudden cuts at Peabody housing. In a move taken in great haste and without proper consultation, amangement are seeking to close do


Blacklisting: 'Historic' settlement

Unite secures million pound plus legal settlement


Unite has settled its current long running blacklisting case against the construction companies who systematically ruined the lives of their workers.



Mental health awareness week


Our mental health at work


Unite the Union is celebra


Sanctuary Care staff bullied by managers

Manager ripped up leaflets



Staff in care homes managed by Sanctuary Care in Greenwich have been threatened and bullied by managers in a crude response to discontent at the housing association’s p


Unite wins big equal pay payout

£150,000 equal pay victory lifts lid on pay inequality at Royal Bank of Scotland


In housing associations Unite has opposed the move toward spot salaries and away from ‘the rate for the job’ and p


RPI figure shows inflation at 2.4%

Cost of Living - Going Up

The latest RPI figure shows inflat


Labour homelessness campaign launch

Rotten System


Branch members joined the crowd at the launch of the Labour Homelessness campaign last night.  We heard Owen Jones describe homelessness a


Unite Meets with Sanctuary Care Managers


We met today with two representatives of Sanctuary Care's management. Two elected representatives from the Greenwich care homes were present, as well as two officers


Rochdale housing workers to vote for strike action over low pay

Huge pay cuts


The 170 plus members of Unite, employed by Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH), have seen their pay cut by 21.7 per cent in recent years, as a result of a series of pay freezes and below inflation pay increases. The hous


Centrepoint pay cut rejected


Centrepoint management offer real terms pay cut


Management at the homelessness agency Centrepoint offered their workers a real terms pay cut at a meeting with Unite last week.  This would be the t


Lobby Greenwich Council - 15th May - Support Sanctuary Members

Please join our lobby of Greenwich council in support of Unite Sanctuary members.


We will be asking councillors to prevent Sanctuary’s executive from making severe cuts to care workers’ pay and conditions. Our members provide essential care services to vulne


Rough sleeping cuts: agencies should work with Unite

Spending on rough sleeping halved since 2010


Spending on single homeless people has more than halved since 2010 while rough sleeping has risen by 165% since 2010.  No one should be surprised that deaths of homeles


Sanctuary Members: No Surrender! More Action!

18 April 2019


What better way to end the bank holiday week than with a packed and resolute meeting of our Sanctuary Care workers demanding that if the employer doesn't meet their demands, we move to ballot for strike action.




Hypocritical housing associations

Turning up the heat on hypocritical housing associations

Our branch secretary and Executive Council member Suzanne Muna writes in today's VIEW

Brexit on our terms

Trade unionists are not bystanders to the industrial impact of Brexit


We discussed the Unite reponse to Brexit at our branch recently includin


Unite and SME construction firms agree 2.75% pay rise

Comes in to effect June 2019


The Building and Allied Trades Joint Industrial Council (BATJIC) has agreed a one-year deal involving a 2.75 per cent pay rise to come into effect in June 2019. This is a result of the succ


Too stressed to work

Rise in stress driven by poor management according the HR managers professional organisation


A new report from the professional body for HR managers confirms the experience of Unite reps in housing associations; st


Sanctuary Care - Next Meeting Date

Our members in Sanctuary are determined to fight back against cuts to their terms and conditions. Our members care for vulnerable and elderly clients, but are now discovering that Sanctuary doesn't care about them.


The previous angry an


Women's Lives Matter - Branch Discussion - 9th April 2019

We are delighted to announce that we have a Special Guest Speaker, Sarah Sachs-Eldridge, for our April Branch Meeting. Sarah will be outlining why the 'Women's Lives Matter' campaign is relevant to both men and women within our branch. The meeting details are:


Unions demand 5% pay increase for Peabody workers

Pay up Peabody


Despite bumper surpluses housing workers at Peabody have repeatedly suffered real terms pay cuts.  Now they are saying “enough is enough." Below is the text of a Unite leaflet.  Peab


Spy cop unmasked

Identity of former spy cop who spied on activists revealed


The issue of undercover police working undercover in legitimate camapigns and trade unions raises fundamental democratic issues.  Our branch has been a s


Slamming Slumlords and Bullying Bosses

On May Day, after we have marched proudly alongside comrades from across the trade union and socialist movement, we will make our way to a picket of the UK Housing Industry awards which will be taking place inside the Grosvenor Hotel. Everyone is invited to join us: 6pm,&


Kate Davies questioned by Notting Hill Genesis staff

Housing Association senior managers part of corporate machine



Newly formed mega housing association Notting Hill Genesis (NHG) held its Corporate Strategy Event on 21st March. The purpose of the event


Unite on construction apprenticeships

More needs to be done


Unite has warned that proposals by the Social Market Foundation (SMF) to give the official titles of craftsperson and master craftsperson to workers who undertake an apprenticeship, published yest


Latest RPI figure shows inflation at 2.5%

Cost of Living - Going Up


The retail price index is the inflation measure that Unite believes best reflects real costs.

The latest RPI figure shows inflation at 2.5%

On 13 February the UK Government’s Office for National


Channel 4 expose Sanctuary - they are also attacking staff

We often point out that housing associations that treat staff badly also tend to treat their residendents badly. Channel Four Dispatches recently reported on Sanctuary Housing Group's failings towards tenants; our members in Greenwich care homes also feel badly treated.



Mitie industrial relations mess

Mitie in industrial relations mess and should be barred from Interserve contracts, says Unite

Unite is warning that outsourcing giant Mitie should be barred from acquiring contracts from Interserve d


Mears and Mitie housing workers gear up for industrial action

Housing maintenance workers in housing associations will support this dispute. Housing associations concede that poor repairs performance is a major issue for residents and recognise that labour shortages linked to Brexit are a 'threat' to their business plans - but do not always reco


Time off for family and dependants

'Work Voice Pay monthly' from Unite contains regular 'bite size' suggestions for bargaining. Are you taking up work life balance with members where you work? Let us know what you think and read the short guide below.



Winning in the Workplace Training - Sat 30th March 2019

Session Aims


Whenever we’re in dispute with the bosses, whether over pay, changed shifts, or the failure to create a diverse and inclusive workplace, a campaign always dramatically increases our chances of winning.



The Alternative Housing Awards 2019

The Alternative Housing Awards 2019 will take place on Wednesday 1st May, 6pm, at the Grosvenor Hotel - the home of exclusivity and privilege. It will coincide with the industry housing awards being presented in comfort and style inside.


Women hardest hit by cuts

Women relying on council services face a triple whammy from central Government cuts to local government funding

We are fighting back but women workers are amongst the hardest hit by austerity.  Our bra


Branch Annual General Meeting 2019

It's that time of year again - the Annual General Meeting is upon us. For those unfamiliar with our processes, this is our collective opportunity to review how we got on in 2018/19 and decide how we want to progress in 2019/20. We also elect the Branch Committe, the group of activists


Catalyst: Pay, Union Recognition, Childcare & Equality

Detailed pay claim


Unite members in Catalyst housing have conducted a wide reaching consultation on their pay claim – that will be true of many workplaces in our branch.


Reps are prepa


Unite to force blacklisting boss back in court

Tenth anniversary of scandal


Unite is closing in on forcing Cullum McAlpine, one of the key architects behind the industrial scale blacklisting of construction workers, to account for his actions in court. The legal de


Councils should set 'no cuts' budgets

Lobby Enfield Council to stop Tory cuts Wednesday 27th February


Our members jobs are threatened by local authority jobs and the cuts have a drastic effect on services including VIEW

Housing support cuts lead to increased rough sleeping

St Mungo’s report produced in response to government strategy


Rough sleeping is on the rise because of austerity and specifically because of cuts in housing services.  Jack Jeffrey, a branch member work


Unite’s new period dignity fight is making great inroads

"No need to secretly scurry"


Since Unite’s Period Dignity campaign national launch last September, the initiative has seen a series of successes among business both small and large


L&Q deny staff their bonus

£190m surplus this year


London housing association L&Q angered staff last week when it announced it would not pay them a bonus this year following an announcement that its projected surplus would be cut by &p


Unite demands full benefits for construction workers

Construction industry must get its house in order on worker benefits


Unite is launching a campaign to ensure that all workers in the industry, regardless of their employment status or where their e


‘Remember the past’

Unite launches a grassroots history project with lessons that reverberate today


Unite, has launched an exciting new history project aimed at engaging directly with a new generation of workers and activists.


In praise of housing workers

Fundamental change


With the Moore-Bick inquiry adjourned indefinitely and many families still in temporary accommodation, 20 months on, Justice for Grenfell seems a long way off. Branch member Glyn Robbins wrote th


February Branch Meeting & Support for the Stansted 15

Our February Branch meeting is packed with important updates and decisions, with several motions being presented and we hope to include a special guest speaker from the Stansted 15.



Burnout nation

Majority of British workers do not take their full holiday entitlement


Branch members report working longer than contracted hours and being unable to take annual leave. A new survey shows this is a problem across t


‘Proud to help out’

Unite HQ opens its doors to rough sleepers on coldest night of the year


Unite regional officer Tabusam Ahmed... thanked St Mungo’s staff, whose job secu


SHAC Linking housing workers and residents

100% vote for strike action


There was a good turnout on a freezing wet Tuesday evening for the latest SHAC open meeting this week.  Stemming from an initiative by the Uni


Not only one ‘blue’ day

On ‘Blue Monday’, Unite highlights mental health in the workplace


On Blue Monday today (January 21) – popularly viewed as the ‘most depressing’ day of the year – Unite is highlightin


St Mungos fight goes on

St Mungo’s bosses trying to reinstate ‘race to the bottom’ T&Cs


Bristol st


Unite launches construction period dignity campaign

Unite reps in our branch have been raising the need for period dignity for all sections of workers as part of Unite's camapign see here



Unravelling Union Recognition - Branch Training - Sat 9th Feb

3rd January 2019


We are pleased to offer places on the Unravelling Union Recognition training, 11am - 2pm, Saturday 9th February, Unite London Region, 33-37 Moreland Street, London EC1V 8DU ( VIEW

Developing Links with Tenants - SHAC Meeting - 29th January

3rd January 2019


All branch reps and activists are invited to the next meeting of the Social Housing Action Campaign, 6.30pm, 29th January 2019 at Unite HQ, Holborn.


When the Unite team at Pe


Unite launch Brexit Immigration law helpline

Botched deal


Unite has launched a specialist helpline to assist migrant workers concerned about immigration issues as the UK leaves the European Union.


Our next branch meeting is a chance to


Peabody: Unite members victory follows strike vote

Unanimous agreement



Last week we reported that Peabody Direct staff had voted for strike action in protest at redundancy


Construction Industry Training Board betrayed

CITB’s betrayal of its workforce in Norfolk and across the UK brutally confirmed


Unite has said that the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is betraying 300 of its staff by effectively making them redund


Health and Safety bulletin

Unite Health & Safety bulletin

New accident book
The HSE has published a second


Shelter workers secure pay victory

Strikes called off


Members of Unite, employed by housing charity Shelter, are celebrating victory after agreeing a vastly improved pay offer. The decision to accept the new deal means that the VIEW

Vote for strike at Peabody Direct

Unite members threatened with redundancy at the Peabody Direct call centre have voted to strike. 


Over fifty “Peabody Direct” staff currently based


Winners of the Tarnished Trophies Announced!

The winners of the 2018 Tarnished Trophies have been announced following hundreds of votes from workers, residents and tenants. Top of the leader board for this year were:

  1. VIEW

Unity over Division

Unite nationally has launched its Unity over Division campaign in response to the rise of the far right in Britain and across Europe.


If you want a speaker at a workplace meeting or advice on camapigning on these issues do contact a branch officer



Shelter staff to strike on pay

Shelter workers to strike next month following ‘derisory’ pay offer


Officers of Unite housing workers (LE1111 branch) send solidarity to our sisters and brothers working at Shelter.



Peter Bedford Housing Association: Victory for Unite members

Hackney housing strike off as Unite celebrates victory in pay dispute


Planned strike action at Peter Bedford Housing Association, in Hackney, involving members of Unite has been called off after management agreed to ho


Peter Bedford HA: Strike to follow breached agreement

Hackney housing association facing week of strikes over broken pay promises



100% vote for action





Mears buys Mitie's housing arm

Workforce must be protected


Unite the union, representing workers at both Mitie and Mears, is seeking reassurances from both companies that the workforce will be fully protected following today’s announcement (N


Catalyst £11,000 party for boss Redundancies for workers

Catalyst splash £11,000+ on invite only retirement bash for outgoing CEO, the same week some staff are informed of redundancy


Rod Cahill, the retiring CEO of Catalyst Housing Ltd, has enjoyed a lavish invite-only


Strike action at Peter Bedford Housing Association

100% vote to strike


Unite members at Peter Bedford Housing Association voted 100% to strike on a 96% turnout.  The strike will start on Monday December 3rd at 8.00am and continue until Friday December 7th.  <


#StopUniversalCredit Unite day of action 1st December

#StopUniversalCredit day of action 1st December

Join the #StopUniversalCredit day of action

  • Saturday 1st December 2018


Stress: a growing epidemic

Working days lost to stress blamed on poor management


Working days lost to stress increased by nearly a quarter in 2017 according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), leading to calls for a “culture change&r


Unite in housing: Pay up!

Housing association margins 'seriously impressive'


Housing associations regularly book record surpluses and margins well over 30 per cent described by Savills as “seriously impressive.”  Meanwh


Handling Grievances and Disciplinaries Training



Reps are often called upon to support members through individual casework. This includes grievances and disciplinaries, capability procedures, contract changes, TUPE consultations, pay and pension


November Branch - Special Guest Speaker!



The leadership of the housing sector is not as inclusive as it should be, and doesn't reflect


Unite members at Peter Bedford ballot for pay strike

Refusing to pay increment



Unite members at Peter Bedford Housing Association are currently balloting for potential strike action over pay.  Senior management are refusing to pay staff the incremen


Unite produces briefing on SHPS

Threat to housing workers pensions


Last Friday we reported on the anouncement that the biggest pension scheme in the sector, the Social Ho


Catalyst attempting to ram through reorganisation

Environmental services: redundancies threatened


Union busting Housing Association, Catalyst have recently announced plans to reorganise the


Threat to housing workers’ pensions: Unite will resist

Unite to resist any changes that result in a detriment to our members.


Around ten thousand housing workers could face attacks to their pension schemes following the announcement this week of further increases i


Mental health workers struggling under unsustainable workloads

Unite responds to the Care Quality Commission report on social care 


Unsustainable workload


Mental health workers are struggling under unsustainable workloads, an NHS watch-dog


Report of ACAS diversity conference

A key element of the work of our reps is promoting diversity and training is availible through the union. Let us know if you have a report to share with other branch members or if you want support.  The union currently has national campaigns for VIEW

London assembly questions housing association CEOs

Catalyst boss Rod Cahill fails to impress


Management communication with staff was allegedly helped by derecognising trade unions, at least according to Catalyst housing association boss Rod Cahill.  Not surpr


Unite: lack of progress on cladding disgraceful

Unite calls on members to sign open Grenfell letter to housing minister


Unite members are being urged to sign an VIEW

Likely that St Mungos passed on confidential information

“Likely that St Mungos passed on confidential information without permission”


Rough sleepers rounded up


The Information Commis


Theresa May: no solution to housing crisis

Housing Association bosses give Theresa May standing ovation


Housing association chiefs gave Theresa May a standing ovation for her speech to the National Housing Federation on Wednesday.  There can’t be man


Housing Association boss’s get inflation busting pay rises again

Growing gap between workers and top executives


Housing Association boss’s have been awarded an average pay rise of 4.3% this year according to figures published in today’s VIEW | DOWNLOAD

Liverpool hospital safety scandal

Flammable cladding found on unfinished Liverpool hospital contracted out to Carillion 


Unite is writting to all safety reps to ensure they are provided with clear evidence that cladding is safe.


Unite demands period dignity

Unite is demanding that women and girls have period dignity. By making changes in our workplaces, our places of education, and in society, women and girls will be able to have a positive period knowing that they are able to access sanitary products. 


                    <p style= VIEW

Catalyst Housing: senior pay races ahead of inflation

Catalyst Housing's annual report shows bumper pay increases for senior management. Below we reproduce the response of Unite reps at Catalyst where Unite has a growing membership and active presence despite the associations anti union stance and refusal to recognise trade unions. 


Connection at St Martins restructure: Union fully consulted

Good practice and reducing cost of senior management


After a change in senior management, The Connection at St Martin's (CSTM) recently went through a restructure which will begin on the 1st October.  The


Irish Embassy Protest - Support the Dublin Occupations

Housing activists in Dublin have occupied properties on Summerhill Parade and Frederick Street. They are resisting the obscenity of good homes standing empty for years while a growing tide of homeless fend for themselves on the city streets.The activists now face legal action and eviction.&n


Launching Show racism the Red Card's wear red day

Each October Show Racism the Red Card holds its annual Wear Red Day!


Some recent larger than usual events organised by the far right are a warning to the labour movement.  At our branch meeting on Tuesday 11 Septe


HCA Pay Strike: Improved Options Approved!

Unite members at the HCA (Homes England and the Regulator of Social Housing) today voted overwhelmingly to endorse a revised set of options on pay following industrial action in July, and a sustained campaign over the last few months. The favoured options take a tiered approach and would signific


To Make HAs Better Landlords, Make Them Better Employers!

The government has published a paper seeking views on their 'vision' for social housing, which they say should provide "safe, secure homes that help people get on with their lives." If this is truly their aim, then government needs to focus not just on measures directly aimed at


September Branch Meeting - Opposing the Far Right!

We're delighted to announce that our next branch meeting will open with Peter Kavannagh, Unite Regional Secretary, on opposing the rise of the far right in Britain.


Housing Green Paper 'pitiful'

No new money



Faced with public outrage following the deaths at Grenfell tower, a deep housing crisis with unaffordable homes and rising numbers sleeping rough the government promised a “fundament


New Date for the Alternative Housing Awards 2018!

Housing association bosses love nothing more than adding to their shelf of nice shiny accolades. But instead of bosses’ self-congratulations, we want residents and workers to have a say.



Construction bogus self-employment rises again

Unite Research


Research by Unite has revealed a fresh rise in bogus self-employment in the construction industry.

A Freedom of Information request made by Unite to the HMRC revealed that 1,12


HCA: 13% real terms pay cut for staff - 'generous' pay at top

Pay settlements below inflation


A look at the recently published HCA Annual Report and Financial Stat


The Simmering Summer Social is Here!


This year, we will be partying as follows:


  • Time: 7pm
  • Date: Friday 17th August


Pay: information for fighting back

Pay increases


Union members at Torus Group have accepted an increase of 3.1% in 2018/19 following rejection of the initial offer of two per


Work and the heatwave

Temperature at work


Let us know how you are coping with the heatwave at work.


Employers have a legal duty to prevent injury and ill health to their employees if they are exposed to unreasonab


Catalyst sick pay mass grievance: staff still waiting

Catalyst dont recognise unions and appear not to recognise their own staff


Two hundred and forty staff at Catalyst housing are still waiting for a serious response to their grievance which challenges the draconian sick


Job Losses at Peabody Direct

Staff angered by Chief Executive comments


Over fifty “Peabody Direct” call centre staff based at Waterloo, have been warned that their jobs are to be transferred from March 2019 to ex-Family Mosaic offices


Unite fighting the far right

Challenge, resist and engage
Unite is fighting back against those using football to spread hatred and division


Peter Kavanagh, Unite Lon