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Associations Warn They Will Snub HCA Grant Funding

Inside Housing has reported a warning from housing associations which "won’t bid for grant funding if they are required to build small homes"


They will reject up to £1.7 billion of HCA grant "if they are forced to build large numbers of one an


Housing Workers and an Increase in Tenant Suicide Threats

Almost half of housing staff have experienced resident suicide threats according to a recent report from the consultancy, 'Straight Forward'. Just 25% of workers report feeling well equipped to deal with the situation. The VIEW

ACAS Guidance on Breastfeeding

Unite reps supporting women who wish to continue breast feeding when they return to work will get useful information from this new guidance from ACAS, the government's employment advice service.


Heartless Mungos!

St Mungo's sudden decision to pull out from homeless provision in Hitchin following strike action by branch members at the North Herts Sanctuary has recieved extensive media attention. There is coverage in the trade press and local media, including this  VIEW

Pay Up!

An army of low paid local government workers will demand an end to poverty pay rises as thousands gear up to take part in todays joint union day of protest. 

Lunchtime protests are planned outside council buildings and town halls across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Uni