Branch Secretary :

Unite calls on St Mungo's CEO to withdraw false statements

St Mungo’s: intransigent leadership failing to learn lessons of deportation scandal


The intransigent leadership of the homelessness agency St Mungo’s are still failing to learn the full lessons of their in


St Mungos: still threatening worker who called out bullying

Damaging publicity


St Mungos executives have shown no willingness to address staff concerns about bullying and are pressing ahead with gross misconduct charges against a rep who raised concerns about bullying by senio


St Mungo’s: Unite will not tolerate victimisation and bullying

Letter to management


Unite organised a protest in support of victimised union rep Vicko Plevnik and handed in a letter to St Mungo’s manag


Suspended for 6 months for eating a biscuit on Google meet?

St Mungo’s rep remains suspended


Unite members in St Mungos have repeatedly expressed concern at bullying by senior management an


St Mungo’s strike ends – concerns continue

St Mungo’s strike ends after independent review into bullying grievances agreed


Strikes at the St Mungo’s housing charity have been called off after the management agreed to an independent review into bully


Out for eleven weeks: St Mungo’s striker interviewed

Striking since April 22nd


The property services team at St Mungo’s have been on continuous strike since April 22nd. They took strike action after the organisation failed to address serious allegations of managem


St Mungo’s strikers protest in Oxford

Striking St Mungo’s staff protest over bullying at housing charity’s Oxford shelter


Striking maintenance workers at the St Mungo’s housing charity will stage a protest in Oxford tomorrow (Friday 2 Jul


Unite call on St Mungo’s to stop ‘peddling untruths’

On strike since April 22nd


Unite has written to St Mungos Chief Executive Steve Douglas today to ask him to stop his organization from “peddling untruths” to the media about the fact that St Mungos mainten


Resident support for St Mungo’s strikers

Striking against management bullying and union victimisation


Branch members in St Mungo’s Property Services team have been on all out strike


St Mungos strikers welcomed by Hackney marchers

Warm welcome


St Mungos strikers had a warm welcome when they addressed the Hackney May Day march at the weekend. Jackie and Vicko spoke at the start of the march.


Property services workers h


St Mungos management escalate dispute by suspending Unite rep

Orwellian move at St Mungos: management suspend Unite rep for grievance about bullying.


In an Orwellian escalation of the crisis at St Mungo’s, management have suspended a union rep who had rais


St Mungo’s brutal treatment of BAME worker opposed by Unite

Without income for twenty-one weeks

Pease sign our petition here


Female worker comes to the end o


St Mungo's must pay £18,000 to victimised former employee

Shocking facts


The homelessness charity St Mungo’s has been told to pay almost £18,000 to a former staff member who was found to have been victimised after an abandoned bullying investigation from 14 years


St Mungo's: strike continues, pickets canceled.

Unite calls off final day of St Mungo’s picket lines in response to Coronavirus crisis


Unite has said that it is calling off the final day of planned picket lines and rallies tomorrow (18 March) in the St Mungo&r


St Mungo's worker ‘We just want to be listened to’

Taking action


Homeless people are among the most vulnerable groups in society – indeed while the average person in the UK can expect to live well past 75, the average rough sleeper in Britain will be lucky to liv


St Mungo’s CEO slammed for weaponising coronavirus

Stop blaming staff for your leadership mistakes


Unite has warned the CEO of the homeless charity St Mungo’s, Howard Sinclair, to ‘stop blaming staff for your leadership mistakes’ as hundreds of worker


St Mungos worker: Why I am Striking

St Mungos workers put vulnerable service users first


St Mungo’s CEO Howard Sinclair taken to the Dai


St Mungos Strike Fund Appeal

Workers at the homelessness charity St Mungo’s are gearing up for three days of strike action from March 16 to 18 inclusi


St Mungos: One workers experience of its sickness policy

Serious equalities questions


A draconian approach to sickness is one of the issues involved in the dispute at the homelessness charity St Mungo’s. The organisations HR department repeatedly unite managers, union


St Mungos: 83% vote for strike action

Unite members in St Mungo’s have voted to strike unless management comes to its senses. They have voted to defend the


Unite appeals to St Mungo’s board

Race to bottom


Unite has appealed to the St Mungo's board of trustees to ‘help rebuild trust’ by persuading senior management to reconsider its position and join last-ditch talks, ahead of the strike ba


More concern at St Mungos 'eroding' workers organisation

Engaging expensive consultancy


News that St Mungo’s Chief Executive Howard Sinclair has been corresponding with an expensive consultancy about how to stop people joining the union and VIEW

St Mungo’s apologise for sharing rough sleeper information

Executive still in place after role in deportations


St Mungo’s Chief Executive Howard Sinclair has apologised for sharing information about migrant rough sleepers with the Home Office saying, “The executive


Equal Pay: St Mungos victimise female worker

Low ethical standards


Homelessness workers across the sector continue to express dismay at the low ethical standards of senior management at St Mungos which can undermine the important work carried out by its staff.


St Mungos ballot result

St Mungos members:


Thank you to everyone who returned their ballot paper. 


78% of you voted in  favour of strike action.  This is a very strong indication of h


St Mungos: Why I'm voting yes part3

St Mungo’s members share their stories


In the third of our series of first-hand accounts from Unite members at St Mungo’s on why they’re voting for strike action, we meet two more members* w


St Mungos: Why I'm voting yes for action


Why Im voting yes


"This strike is about similar issues to the strike in 2014. The success of that strike has protected terms and conditions since then and we need to stand together now


St Mungos: further talks

Unite in further Acas talks with homeless charity St Mungo’s after no progress is made

A second round of talks aimed at resolving a long running dispute between the UK and Ireland’s largest unio


St Mungos: talks to avoid strike action.

Unite in crunch talks with homeless charity St Mungo’s to avoid strike vote


Crunch talks between Unite and the homeless charity St Mungo’s are set to take place tomorrow (Friday 12 July) at the conciliation service Acas i


BAME workers discipined by St Mungos

Deepening problem


When Unite looks at figures for disciplinaries we almost always find more frequent use of disciplinary procedures and higher penalties being doled out to black and minority ethnic workers. Where a dr


Fighting an attack on annual leave at St Mungos


"Hey Howard, Leave our annual leave alone"


Workers in St Mungos have been faced with a reduction in annual leave, and Unite is supporting their fight back.  They are angry that, once ag


St Mungo's Broadway victory - fantastic new Reel News video

A spectacular victory - and a potentially very significant one - for St. Mungo's Broadway housing workers, just as they were about to embark on 10 straight days of strike action. Management were forced into conceding virtually all the strikers demands and abandoning their plans to savagely cu


St Mungos Broadway Strike Off! We Win! And Victory Rally Details

Following a day locked in talks at ACAS, the Unite SMB reps and Regional Officer, Nicky consider that they have received an offer from SMB management


St Mungos Broadway strike - talks at ACAS today

Adam Lambert, Nicky Marcus and Jon Hughes will be attending talks at ACAS with representatives from the executive team of St Mungo’s Broadway this morning.  They will update via twitter and updates wil


St Mungos Broadway staff in ten day strike

St Mungo’s Broadway staff to strike for 10 days in battle to maintain quality services at housing charity


Unite statement


Staff at St Mungo’s Broadway (SMB) are preparing for 10 days of


St Mungos Broadway workers vote for ten day strike

Unite members at St Mungos Broadway have voted for a further ten day strike from November 5th


The General Secretary of Unite, Len McCluskey, addressed a packed meeting that took the decision. He emphasised the vital importance of the strike not only fo


£160,000 pay off for former St Mungos boss

Inside Housing today reports that Charles Fraser, former CEO at St Mungos, was given a pay off of £160,000 when he left the organisation.  Clearly there is no race to the bottom for CEO's!

Staff at St Mungos broadway, created through a merger with Broadway when Charles Fr


Following strike: Councils write to St Mungos Broadway

Following seven days strike action by Unite members at St Mungos Broadway councils two councils have raised questions about the organisation.


Jonathan McShane, cabinet member for social care at Hackney Council, is quoted in Inside Housing as saying: “We hope this


St Mungos Broadway strike raised in Parliament

Islington Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn has raised this Early Day Motion (EDM 394) in Parliament:


"That this House supports workers at the homeless organisation St Mungo's Broadway in defending their terms and conditions and the service that they deliver to some of t


St Mungos Broadway striker writes in the Guardian

On today's Guardian website:

'Why we're striking' – St Mungo's Broadway worker shares motivations

A staff member explains wages aren’t dropping but he’s been on strike this week to protect services at the chari


Strike one - day six

Solidarity increases.


We’ve done it again! SMB Unite has been out again in numbers. And it has to be said that the day was marked by even more acts of solidarity for our dispute and support than yesterday.


On Day six we


Strike Day 5 Report

Doing the Locum – otion.


Day 5 has seen the most incredible examples of solidarity extended towards our members from a range of trade unionists, councilors and commissioners.


Before the rain had stopped and before the d


Strike report - day four

Strike one. Day four.


A rats tail


After a strong showing over the weekend, the day began with picket lines gathering across London and in Bristol. Members were set to maintain the strong presence of the previ


Britian needs a pay rise - picketing goes well

Day two – National TUC demo - Britain needs a payrise.



Picketing goes well.


It was another successful and inspiring day.


Picket lines ran without a hitch at


Day One St Mungo Broadway strike: Amazing day of action

What an amazing day of action! We felt the strength of our collective muscle yesterday in a series of pickets that culminated in a massive rolling protest! 


Nineteen picket lines were planned for day one of our seven-day strike, and nineteen picket lines were put i


St Mungos Broadway Strike starts today

Members at St Mungos Broadway will be on strike from 8.00am today.  Last minute negotiations at ACAS on Thursday failed to produce significant movement from management.  In the absence of movement from management the strike will last seven days.

There are eighteen pickets accr


St Mungos Broadway Urgent Strike Fund Appeal

St Mungos Broadway Strike Appeal


Unite members at St Mungos Broadway (from the Unite Housing Workers Branch) will be taking seven days of strike action in defence of their housing association, staff terms and conditio


St Mungos Broadway in the press

The dispute at St Mungos Broadway is covered extensively on this website - keep visiting for more! It has also been covered in the trade press - we have attached a selection of reports from the last few weeks: click on "Download" below:


Staff Lobby St Mungo Broadway Board AGM

A lively, peaceful protest was held outside the St Mungo's Broadway board meeting yesterday evening at Griffin House in Hammersmith. This was the meeting where the Executive Team took their proposals to reduce staff pay plus other changes to the Board of Trustees for approval.


St Mungo's Broadway Ballot for strike action

New swingeing cuts to pay, and changes to policies and procedures governing working conditions at housing charity St Mungo’s Broadway have prompted a strike ballot of more than 50


Helen Giles - The Root of All Evil

Helen Giles has recently taken over as Executive Director of HR in St Mungo's Broadway following St Mungo's merger with Broadway earlier this year.



Heartless Mungos!

St Mungo's sudden decision to pull out from homeless provision in Hitchin following strike action by branch members at the North Herts Sanctuary has recieved extensive media attention. There is coverage in the trade press and local media, including this  VIEW

St Mungos Strike - Hitchin Project

Unite members at St Mungo's North Herts Sanctuary homeless shelter in Hitchin are on strike after charity bosses have refused to honour an agreement made in July to give them the