Branch Secretary :

Making a Point at Peabody

Protestors gathered outside Peabody Head Office on Wednesday 19th February to make the point that cuts to the community and neighbourhood services cost lives, and are counter-productive.


We're sending a message to the sector: Restore Neighbourhood Services!



Replying to Peabody management on 'social mission'

The reposnse below has been submitted to Inside Housing as a 'letter to the editor.'


Businesses "driven by money concerns"


Last week’s column by Peabody Chief Executiv


Peabody surplus up – but pressing ahead with brutal cuts

Strike ballot


Peabody Housing today announced a £14 million rise in it’s surplus in the last six months taking it to £67 million.


Meanwhile neighbourhood Managers faced with


£1 million cuts plan: Peabody workers announce strike ballot

Devastating consequences


Peabody housing plan £1 million cuts to housing management budgets by March 2020 with potentially devastating consequences to residents and workers. Unite members have voted overwhelmingl


Peabody Reps Win Safety Victory!

Unite reps at Peabody have successfully challenged the practice of refusing paid sickness leave for operatives in a case that clearly demonstrates the empowerment of staff through an organised union.


The member concerned was an operative working in an area of the b


Peabody's well known Community Safety Team threatened

Domestic violence service threatened


Staff were shocked last weel to hear of brutal and sudden cuts at Peabody housing. In a move taken in great haste and without proper consultation, amangement are seeking to close do


Peabody workers defend pensions

Human and kind?


by Jack Frost


Generally the more an organisation talks about being ‘caring’, ‘kind’ and ‘human’, the less it actually is in reali


Peabody Tries to Get Shifty!

The Unite Housing Workers Branch and our reps in Peabody congratulate our members in the Peabody Revenues Team who recently made an inspiring stand against ill-considered proposals to change working patterns.


Following an away-day discussion earlier in the year, Peabody