Branch Secretary :

Unions call for better pay offer for local government scales

Inflation currently 4.8% RPI


Many workers in the housing and homelessness sectors work on local authority pay scales although their employers may be independent organisations. Members of all the local government unions


Tax raid on young and low-paid workers

Unite calls for wealth tax and higher care worker wages as PM announces manifesto-busting NI tax to fund health and social care


Unite has slammed the government for failing to adequately fill a gaping hole in social ca


Make sure inflation doesn’t give you a pay cut

Make sure inflation doesn’t give you a pay cut Says Sharon Graham Unite Executive Officer for organising



Council pay offer ignores huge Covid effort

Call for 10% pay rise


Unions representing 750,000 council and school support staff across England, Wales and Northern Ireland criticised the 1.5% pay offer made by the Local Government Association last week.  


One Housing Group offer “insulting” 0.5% pay increase

Offer costing less than CEO’s pay


One Housing Association workers are told by their employer that as workers they are OHG's greatest asset. Then they are offered a 0.5% pay rise!



Time to talk about housing association pay says Inman

Incentivised by low pay and insecurity


“We need to avoid the conceit that seems to operate in some parts of the economy where chief executives, executives etc need to be incentivised by higher and higher pay and


Hestia paying less than London Living Wage

Staff at Hestia tired and frustrated as many continue to be paid less than the London Living Wage



During the pandemic more and more people are joining Unite housing workers to defend their safety and b


Greenwich council housing workers threaten strike

£20,000 wages’ axe for Greenwich housing repair staff threatens strike action


Greenwich housing repairs could be seriously disrupted as more than 120 workers threaten to strike in the new year over a new pa


Choppy waters for Social Housing Pension Scheme?

Unite briefing on Social Housing Pension Scheme



The housing trade press have reported concerns that VIEW

Unite backs strike action for Corona bonus

Some employers’ responded positively


Many Unite members in housing have been on the front line during the pandemic. Some employers have responded positively to Unite calls for recognition, but others have been d


Housing Association bosses get inflation beating pay rises again

Dwarfs anything staff or residents likely to get


Housing association CEOs have had inflation busting pay increases AGAIN this year according to Inside Housing’s annual VIEW

Unite demand £500 payment & extra day holiday for risking health

£500 payment and an extra day’s holiday for risking their health working through the pandemic.


Hackney drivers are 'pathfinder'



Unite – responding to employer bad behaviour in the pandemic

Below Sharon Graham outlines Unite’s approach to some of the key workplace challenges we are facing in the crisis. We reproduce this from the ‘Work Voice Pay’ website which also contain


Local government pay scales: Unite members reject offer

Real terms pay cut of over 20 per cent


Many workers in housing associations are paid on local government scales and have faced similar real terms pay cuts.


About 100,000 council workers, mem


PETITION - Pay OHG staff £1000 Corona Bonus now!

Lives risked


Unite members at One Housing Group (OHG) are campaigning for every member of staff to receive a Corona Bonus of £1000 - see our earlier report VIEW

Unite’s #WorthMore pay campaign

Local government pay


Some members in housing associations are paid on local authority scales and many, particularly in supported housing, work in local authority funded projects. Our branch gives full support to the lo


One Housing Group staff campaign for £1000 corona bonus

2% increase looks like insult


Unite members at One Housing Group (OHG) are campaigning for every member of staff to receive a Corona Bonus of £1000. Many OHG staff have worked throughout lockdown a


New Unite briefing on Social Housing Pension Scheme

Housing associations attack pension benefits


Unite's pension advisor, John Neal has prepared a new briefing on the biggest pension scheme in the housing sector - see below.


We recently re


Local government pay claim: ‘We are worth it’

Local authority workers demand fair pay after decade of austerity


Members of our branch work in housing organisations that are not government departments many of us are on local government linked pay scales and our


Pay victory for Greenwich housing workers

Strike suspended


About 120 housing repair workers at Greenwich council have suspended their strike action (reported here) after securing a


Housing Association bosses pay up 3.61% this year

Inflation beating increases for housing bosses


It’s October and as we have come to expect, Inside Housing magazine have produced their survey of the pay of VIEW

Workers at ForViva housing association vote to strike

Over 90% vote for strike


Unite housing maintenance workers at,the north west based housing association ‘ForViva’ have voted to strike with a 90.6% majority.  The 100 electricians, plumbers, roofers and


New survey finds stress epidemic amongst housing workers

Burnt out, undervalued and poorly paid


A new survey of housing association workers has revealed an epidemic of work-related stress among staff who feel burned out, undervalued and poorly paid.




Housing association cuts hours with no loss of pay

Welcome contrast



A London housing association is to cut working hours with no loss of pay, bucking the trend in social housing.



Unrealistic workloads and mou


RPI figure shows inflation at 2.4%

Cost of Living - Going Up

The latest RPI figure shows inflat


Rochdale housing workers to vote for strike action over low pay

Huge pay cuts


The 170 plus members of Unite, employed by Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH), have seen their pay cut by 21.7 per cent in recent years, as a result of a series of pay freezes and below inflation pay increases. The hous


Unions demand 5% pay increase for Peabody workers

Pay up Peabody


Despite bumper surpluses housing workers at Peabody have repeatedly suffered real terms pay cuts.  Now they are saying “enough is enough." Below is the text of a Unite leaflet.  Peab


Latest RPI figure shows inflation at 2.5%

Cost of Living - Going Up


The retail price index is the inflation measure that Unite believes best reflects real costs.

The latest RPI figure shows inflation at 2.5%

On 13 February the UK Government’s Office for National


Channel 4 expose Sanctuary - they are also attacking staff

We often point out that housing associations that treat staff badly also tend to treat their residendents badly. Channel Four Dispatches recently reported on Sanctuary Housing Group's failings towards tenants; our members in Greenwich care homes also feel badly treated.



Mitie industrial relations mess

Mitie in industrial relations mess and should be barred from Interserve contracts, says Unite

Unite is warning that outsourcing giant Mitie should be barred from acquiring contracts from Interserve d


Mears and Mitie housing workers gear up for industrial action

Housing maintenance workers in housing associations will support this dispute. Housing associations concede that poor repairs performance is a major issue for residents and recognise that labour shortages linked to Brexit are a 'threat' to their business plans - but do not always reco


Catalyst: Pay, Union Recognition, Childcare & Equality

Detailed pay claim


Unite members in Catalyst housing have conducted a wide reaching consultation on their pay claim – that will be true of many workplaces in our branch.


Reps are prepa


L&Q deny staff their bonus

£190m surplus this year


London housing association L&Q angered staff last week when it announced it would not pay them a bonus this year following an announcement that its projected surplus would be cut by &p


Peabody: Unite members victory follows strike vote

Unanimous agreement



Last week we reported that Peabody Direct staff had voted for strike action in protest at redundancy


Vote for strike at Peabody Direct

Unite members threatened with redundancy at the Peabody Direct call centre have voted to strike. 


Over fifty “Peabody Direct” staff currently based


Peter Bedford Housing Association: Victory for Unite members

Hackney housing strike off as Unite celebrates victory in pay dispute


Planned strike action at Peter Bedford Housing Association, in Hackney, involving members of Unite has been called off after management agreed to ho


Peter Bedford HA: Strike to follow breached agreement

Hackney housing association facing week of strikes over broken pay promises



100% vote for action





Catalyst £11,000 party for boss Redundancies for workers

Catalyst splash £11,000+ on invite only retirement bash for outgoing CEO, the same week some staff are informed of redundancy


Rod Cahill, the retiring CEO of Catalyst Housing Ltd, has enjoyed a lavish invite-only


Unite members at Peter Bedford ballot for pay strike

Refusing to pay increment



Unite members at Peter Bedford Housing Association are currently balloting for potential strike action over pay.  Senior management are refusing to pay staff the incremen


Unite produces briefing on SHPS

Threat to housing workers pensions


Last Friday we reported on the anouncement that the biggest pension scheme in the sector, the Social Ho


Threat to housing workers’ pensions: Unite will resist

Unite to resist any changes that result in a detriment to our members.


Around ten thousand housing workers could face attacks to their pension schemes following the announcement this week of further increases i


HCA: 13% real terms pay cut for staff - 'generous' pay at top

Pay settlements below inflation


A look at the recently published HCA Annual Report and Financial Stat


Pay: information for fighting back

Pay increases


Union members at Torus Group have accepted an increase of 3.1% in 2018/19 following rejection of the initial offer of two per


‘Enough is enough’

Thousands call for a better working deal at TUC march


Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in London on Saturday (May 14) to demand a better deal for British workers, who are now enduring falling living stan


Savills: housing association profit margins increase

As Unite reps are discussing this year’s pay round with management further evidence confirms the remarkable profitability of housing associations.


Seriously impressive margins


Despite t


Below inflation pay offer: housing workers prepare strike action

Torus Group impose below infation pay


Unite members employed at Helena Partnerships Limited, Golden Gates Housing Trust and Torus 62 Limited, who undertake housing maintenance on social housing in Warrington and St Hel


Feeling the squeeze - fight back on pay


Wages need to rise faster than inflation


This week’s figures for price inflation show prices rising at 3.6% per year (RPI) and forecast to remain steady.  That means we are still feeling a w


‘Record profits’ for housing associations

New Moody’s report


UK Housing Associations once again made record profits according to a new report from VIEW

4% inflation – what about our pay?

Real hardship


The RPI inflation figure stands at 4% with fuel and light costs up 6.5%.  After many years of pay and conditions being squeezed in housing associations many Unite members are now calling for 5% pay i


Strikes secure 20% pay increases at Manchester Mears

Unite claims victory following agreement in marathon Manchester Mears dispute


Housing workers have followed the dispute at outsourcing giant Mears in Manchester and will welcome this outcome.  The Unite housin


Deepening skills crisis in construction

Industry remains in denial on construction skills chasm


Unite has renewed its demands for radical action to be taken to tackle the deepening skills crisis facing the construction industry.

Unite made


4.5% pay boost at Peter Bedford Housing Association

Positive result for members


Unite members at the small north east London supported housing organisation  Peter Bedford Housing Association (PBHA) have agreed a pay dea


Fare increases outstrip pay

We pay five times as much as European commuters


Commuters were faced with around 3.6% fare increases today.  As has been widely VIEW

New Moody’s report gives financial thumbs up for associations

They can afford good services and a 5% pay increase


The ratings agency Moody’s has given housing associations a financial thumbs up noting the favourable policy environment and good operating margins in a new


Inside Housing reports: how housing crisis hits housing workers

“I have been street homeless while working in the sector”


A major investigation by Insid


RPI inflation hits 3.9% Britain still needs a #PayRise


Real terms pay cuts


Figures released on October 17th show inflation at its highest for half a decade with the R


RPI inflation hits 3.6% What about our pay?


Only senior executives avoid real terms pay cuts


Unite members will face a further squeeze as RPI inflation - the most realistic indicator of costs faced by workers - came in at VIEW

Plumbing pay deal win

Unite welcomes new agreement


Following lengthy negotiations with employer representatives from the plumbing industry, Unite has secured a three-year pay deal for plumbers employed under the Joint Industry Board


Mears strikers protest at Chartered Institute of Housing


£3,500 less for doing the same work


Members of Unite in social housing will be demonstrating outside the Chartered Institute of Housing’s Housing 2017 conference at the Manchester Central C


Clarion: a fair slice of the cake?

Undervalued, overworked


We were going to send some cake round today but decided to eat it ourselves and tell you to know how much we enjoyed it. We’ve heard you’ve got so much work, increased targets and, m


Manchester housing strikers determined

Striking Manchester housing workers in ‘crazy car clamping’ threats


Private housing contractor Mears and joint venture company Manchester Working, are accused of issuing ‘crazy car clamping’ th


Fighting back at Thirteen Group

Thirteen Group concede and agreement is reached


As we reported yesterday RPI inflation has hit 3.5% and is rising, when you conmpare thuis to pay in the sector it is no wonder that Unite members in housing show a g


Inflation hits 3.5%

Unite warns of ‘wage squeeze’ as inflation outstrips average earnings


Britain’s largest union, Unite warned of a continuing Tory ‘wage squeeze’ not seen since Victorian times as the latest


Clarion Housing: Unite recommends rejection of pay offer

Offer represents real terms pay cut


Clarion housing has offered staff an increase of 2.5% on basic pay rates.  Inflation is currently running at 3.1% measured by the Retail Price Index (RPI) and all analysts proje


Inflation to reach 3.4% CPI this year

NIESR: 'households will feel the pinch'


Inflation will hit 3.4% CPI later this year according to the respected National Institute Economic and Social Research (NIESR) in a VIEW

Low pay: Housing workers offered financial counselling

Family Mosaic offering staff financial advice to ease mental health concerns


Housing association Family Mosaic has announced that in response to the pressures resulting from low pay they will “offer our staff the


Minimum Wage to Rise by 4%

The Annual National Minimum Wage Rise Recognises The Real Rising Cost of Living


The National Minimum Wage for workers aged 25 and over is rising by more than 4%, increasing from £7.20 an hour to £7.50. For those working full-t


Jump in inflation rate underlines case for pay claims

4% minimum pay increase in the housing sector needed


The headline inflation figure jumped to 2.3% in February.  Figures released today show that inflation has risen by much more than expected; the main drivers of


New evidence that housing associations can afford decent pay


Sector optimistic and ready for future challenges


'Economic sentiment' among housing associations is at its highest level since the financial crisis according to an VIEW

Housing workers calling for 4% pay increases

Resounding message


Unite has agreed to campaign for a minimum 4% pay increase in housing and reps have been getting a resounding message fr


Pay: "Utterly shameful"

Shocking report shows UK nearly bottom for wage growth


Housing associations have been booking record surpluses year after year while squeezing


Work Your Proper Hours Day, Friday 24th Feb 2017

Housing staff work well over contractual hours


Work Your Proper Hours Day, Friday 24th Feb 2017, is the day when the average person who does unpaid overtime finishes the unpaid days they do every year, and starts earn


Housing Associations book record surpluses - again!

£3.4 billion surplus over the last year


English Housing Associations have produced a record surplus of £3.4 billion over the last year according to the latest ‘Global Accounts’ for the sector pr


Money's Too Tight to Mention!

Pay Campaign Training Day a Success!


It's probably no surprise to fellow members of the sector that whilst the housing sector grows richer, social house building is curtailed, and our members' wage rises fail t


Wishaw Housing Association workers in second four day strike

Stop attacking conditions


Unite the union is calling on Wishaw and District Housing Association in Scotland to stop attacking the conditions of hard-working members.  Workers at the housing association will strike


New figures: Housing bosses get inflation busting pay increases

Chief Executive pay up 4% on average while services and staff pay are cut


Overall pay for Housing Association bosses is up by 4% this year, once again an inflation busting increase according to Inside Housing’s p


Unite Launches 'Work, Voice, Pay' Guides

As part of Unite's industrial strategy, a range of Work, Voice, Pay guides have been produced to assist you, our shop stewards and representatives, in your critical work on behalf of our members.



HCA: Government housing staff strike for fair pay

Unite members at Homes and Communities Association (HCA) are striking for fair pay and proper pay negotiations.
Unite’s 147 members at two locations will stage a 24 hour strike commencing at 00:00 on Thursday 19 May over an imposed 1 per cent pay deal fr


New survey: unmanageable workloads in housing

The Guardian: “Housing staff face 'unmanageable' workloads – poll”


In a new VIEW

OHG staff 3% pay claim

One Housing Group Unite members call for 3% pay increase


Last week The Times listed One Housing Group (OHG) boss Mick Sween


Housing associations: record surpluses again this year

Largest associations record £3 billion surplus – up a quarter


England’s largest housing associations recorded a record £3 billion combined surplus today as revealed on the Homes and Community Ag


Strike brings gains at big north east housing association


Union members at Thirteen Group accepted a management offer this week following a bitter industrial dispute involving strike action.  Over time, Unit


Pay dispute at Thirteen Group

Pay dispute at north east’s biggest housing association group triggers industrial action



Repairs and maintenance to homes managed by Thirteen, the largest group of housing associations in the nor


Letter on increasing commercialisation of homeless agencies

Letter to Labour Campaign to End Homelessness


The campaign have a launch meeting at our union head office with an invited speaker from the executive of St Mungos Broadway.  Unite members in the sector have asked o


Big housing associations: surpluses up again

The largest 75 housing associations in England boosted their combined surplus to £2.2bn this year according to a new survey in Inside Housing (pay wall). 


Pay jobs and services under attack in Circle Housing

Circle CEO Mark Rogers


Circle Housing: redundancies, pay cuts and lower quality services




Inflation busting increases for housing Chief Executives

Inside Housing reveals housing boss’s pay


In the biggest hundred housing associations, chief executive total pay (includes basic pay, bonus and car allowance) 5.5% to £182,780.  Bonuses for chiefs of the biggest 100 ho


Alarm bells ring over future of housing staff pensions

Unite has issued this statement today 30 July 2015


The increased contributions to the pension fund for social housing staff should not be used as an excuse for housing association bosses to provide inferior pension provision for employees.



Hands off our pensions - contribution increase announced

The Social Housing Pension Scheme (SHPS) has written to employers this week informing that they will be required to pay just under £32 million in increased contributions from next April. 


While housing association bosses have been increasing their pension pot


Second industrial action ballot at Look Ahead Care & Support

Hackney services balloted on pay


An earlier protest by Unite members in Look Ahead


A seco


Look Ahead staff in Brent ballot for possible strike

Branch members working for Look Ahead Care and Support in Brent are being balloted for possible strike action – papers will be sent out on Monday 10th July.


The ballot follows management’s failure to consult with Unite over a proposed restructure following a


More in the Guardian on pay as branch leaflets Peabody

Visitors to the Peabody staff conference on Wednesday were greeted by red Unite flags as CBHA tenants and branch members handed out leaflets. One leaflet outlined tenant concerns while another outlined Unite members' frustration over pay.  Staff echoed the pay concerns in the confer


The Guardian reveals Housing Association pay inequality

Today’s Guardian reports that Housing association chiefs earn up to 23 times more than rank and file staff  - see here


Jane Ashcroft


The Guardian reveals low pay by housing associations

The Guardian reports today on low pay and inequality in housing associations


Lowest-paid staff in social housing sector receive below the living wage, at an average of £7.69 per hour, while Housing association chiefs earn up to 23 times more than rank and file sta


Pay Survey on its way to you

Discontent about pay has been growing in the housing sector and members of the Unite housing branch LE1111 are being surveyed about pay - let is know what you get and what you think! .. and dont forget to return the survey to us.  Click on 'Download' below to get a pdf of the survey.


National Minimum Wage Campaign

The April branch meeting was proud to support the £10 Now! campaign for a £10 per hour National Minimum Wage. This campaign is being led by the bakers' union (BFAWU), but low wages are a big issue in our sector, despite the high surpluses amassed by housing associations. The


Pension scheme deficit announced

We have warned of the possibility that employers in the housing sector will attempt to worsen our pension in a number of recent reports on this website.  Inside Housing last week reported that the deficit on the Social Housing Pension Scheme (SHPS) fund has been announced as £1.32 bill


Housing Associations Surplus - £2.4 billion this year

Housing Associations – another record suplus


The newly published global accounts of the sector for 2013/14 show an aggregate surplus of some £2.4bn.  Surpluses have risen over the last three: £1.1bn, 1.8bn and £1.9bn according to the HCA (Ho


Sanctury to consider leaving SHPS pension scheme

Sactuary Housing, the UK's largest landlord are considering leaving SHPS - the Social Housing Pension Scheme according to a report in today's Inside Housing, see here


Britain needs a pay rise - so we need strong unions!

Strong trade unions not empty rhetoric the way to give Britain a pay rise, says McCluskey

Strong trade unions, not empty attempts to curry favour, is the way to giv


Social housing pension scheme - defend it!

There are plans to change the biggest pension scheme in our sector in ways which would reduce benefits to our members. It is important that Unite reps raise this issue with management and consult Unite members in any workplace with members of SHPS - the Social Houisng Pension Scheme. 


New survey highlights housing staff discontent over pay

Nearly 60% of housing workers are dissatisfied with their pay according to a survey conducted by Inside Housing and Hays Social Housing – a consultancy used by many employers in the sector.


Only around 10% of employers said they had awarded better than cost of liv


Threat to decent pensions in housing

In recent years there has been a trend for pension benefits to be reduced in the social housing sector.  As the Social Housing Pension Scheme (SHPS), the largest scheme in the sector prepares to announce its latest deficit, Inside Housing reports that this will increase the likelihood of emp


Fighting and winning pay claims

Unite housing workers branch secretary Suzanne Muna has written an important article on fighting and winning pay claims drawing on our experience in the branch.  She points out that many battles in the branch have been about management attempts to cut the pay of front line workers.  Mea


Housing Associations to become more profitable again next year

English housing associations are set to continue their path of increasing profitability according to Moody’s – the credit rating agency in a report issued this week.


The sector has repeatedly booked record surpluses in recent years, and Moody’s expect