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Labour homelessness campaign launch

Rotten System


Branch members joined the crowd at the launch of the Labour Homelessness campaign last night.  We heard Owen Jones describe homelessness a


Rough sleeping cuts: agencies should work with Unite

Spending on rough sleeping halved since 2010


Spending on single homeless people has more than halved since 2010 while rough sleeping has risen by 165% since 2010.  No one should be surprised that deaths of homeles


Housing support cuts lead to increased rough sleeping

St Mungo’s report produced in response to government strategy


Rough sleeping is on the rise because of austerity and specifically because of cuts in housing services.  Jack Jeffrey, a branch member work


Winners of the Tarnished Trophies Announced!

The winners of the 2018 Tarnished Trophies have been announced following hundreds of votes from workers, residents and tenants. Top of the leader board for this year were:

  1. VIEW

London assembly questions housing association CEOs

Catalyst boss Rod Cahill fails to impress


Management communication with staff was allegedly helped by derecognising trade unions, at least according to Catalyst housing association boss Rod Cahill.  Not surpr


Unite: lack of progress on cladding disgraceful

Unite calls on members to sign open Grenfell letter to housing minister


Unite members are being urged to sign an VIEW

Likely that St Mungos passed on confidential information

“Likely that St Mungos passed on confidential information without permission”


Rough sleepers rounded up


The Information Commis


Theresa May: no solution to housing crisis

Housing Association bosses give Theresa May standing ovation


Housing association chiefs gave Theresa May a standing ovation for her speech to the National Housing Federation on Wednesday.  There can’t be man


Housing Green Paper 'pitiful'

No new money



Faced with public outrage following the deaths at Grenfell tower, a deep housing crisis with unaffordable homes and rising numbers sleeping rough the government promised a “fundament


Branch meeting - tackling the housing crisis

Branch meeting - all members welcome


As well as discussing what is happening in our workplaces including the strike at the VIEW

St Mungos facing legal questions

Lawyers complain to Charity Commission & Information Commissioner


Lawyers from the Public Interest Law Unit (Pilu) have lodged a complaint with the Charity Commission and the Information Commissioner’s Office


Homeless reduction act not funded

Minister: "I dont know why rough sleeper numbers are up"


The new Homelessness Reduction Act comes in to force on April 3rd im


Undercover rough sleeper

ITV Tonight Programme


In a TV programme screening tonight Tory MP Adam Holloway spends a week sleeping rough in Lo


Housing workers contribute to Labour Housing Policy review

Grenfell Tower fire brought home that Britain’s housing system is broken


The Unite housing workers branch has responded to Labour’s consultation on social housing policy by calling for a commitment to a mas


Tory council demonises homeless

Gloucester’s ad campaign shame


Our branch organises workers in a number of homelessness agencies and we camapign for decent properly funded homlessness services and against victimisation of the homeless as we


Axe the Act - Housing Summit Pledges Action!

The second Axe the Act (AtA) Housing Summit took place on the 25th November attended by around 150 activists from housing campaign groups, housing organisations, trade unions, and other labour movement organisations. The meeting opened with speeches from Eileen Short, one of the AtA organisers, h


Budget – not the ‘game changer’ we need

Eighty per cent of housing budget going to private market


Just 2.5% of new homes built last year were social rented. Terrie Alafat, of the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), is right to make the point: “So


Housing workers oppose 'hostile environment' for EU nationals

Judicial Review of the Home Office’s policy of detaining and deporting homeless EU citizens



Unite housing branch members will join a protest outside the Royal Courts on Justice on Tuesday Novembe


No more excuses: fit sprinklers now!

Government set face against paying


In the immediate aftermath of the terrible fire at Grenfell Tower the go


Labour and housing after Grenfell

Housing policy rarely been more political


After Grenfell, housing policy and what it’s doing to our communities has rarely been more in the political, media or public eye.


Housing campa


Housing association deregulation takes another step

Housing Associations reclassified as private bodies


An obscure letter from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) to the treasury signalling its intention to move £63.5bn of housing association debt back off the


Unite: May's housing commitments fall short


Government admits extra £2bn will fund only 5K homes a year

Theresa May’s promise to build “a new generation of council houses” during her speech to the Tory conference on Wednes


Remove 'pests' outrage

Eviction firm compares tenants to rodents


An eviction company has been slammed by Unite after running an advert comparing domestic renters to vermin.


The Facebook advert for the Remov


Branch member Glyn Robbins on Grenfell in the Guardian

Grenfell must be a turning point in housing – for staff and residents


Unite has been active in responsing to the terrible events at Grenfell, responding the VIEW

Election issue: Rough sleeping rising

New rough sleepers in London soar by 15%


The number of new rough sleepers in London has risen by a shocking 15%; new figures from CHAIN (Combined Homelessness Informatio


HAs' Serial Neglect of Residents and Properties

Housing associations have been guilty of 'serial neglect of residents and properties' according to the Guardian. It highlighted allegations against many of the biggest names in the sector, including Catalyst, Sanctuary, Notting Hill Housing, and One Housing Group. Almost all of these


Keyworkers Condemn One Housing 40% Rent Hike

Keyworkers including teachers and nurses, all residents of One Housing Group (OHG), have condemned the organisation's threat to raise rents by 40%.


Many are deeply concerned that they cannot meet such rent increases, particularly a


Rough sleeper immigration raids and homelessness charities

Homelessness agencies accused of being complicit in coercive deportations


Homelessness agencies including St Mungos are identified as complicit in immigration raids and a process that results in some of London’s


Leeds Housing Crisis Summit!

Leeds 'Hands Off Our Homes' has called a meeing to discuss the local housing crisis and to develop a campaign for affordable solutions:


Campaign Planning Day
10.30am – 3.30pm,
Sat 25th March
Oxford C


Next Workers and Residents Meeting Scheduled!

Monday 6th March 6.30pm

Faraday House, 48 Old Gloucester St London WC1N




HA Workers and Residents Meeting

Axe the Act and the Unite Housing Workers Branch have organised a meeting open to all housing association workers and residents to develop a network for greater campaigning strength. As with public services, to defeat the Housing and Planning Act and the austerity agenda, workers and service user


The Human Reality of Government Housing Policy

Failure to relate abstract policy to peoples' everyday lives


The growing mess around the Housing and Planning Act partly results from a failure to relate VIEW

Axe the housing act - new figures illustrate crisis

43% population in substandard housing


Homelessness is rising and by any measure Britain’s housing crisis is getting worse.  Today a new report shows that 43% of VIEW

Butterfields tenants win


We will not move


Tenants on the Butterfields estate in Walthamstow, east London, have secured a victory against the housing crisis. They collectively said 'we will not move' and they will now b


Housing crisis roadshow

Only Corbyn has put forth a realistic solution to the present shambles


A commitment to build one million homes in five years — half of them to be council homes — and control rents in the private rented sect


Jeremy Corbyn raises housing in Miners Gala speech

#KeepCorbyn #Axethehousingact


Jeremy Corbyn speaking today in Durham “People tell me that Labour will be more appealing when it starts talking about these sorts of things and starts talking about something else.


Housing: the fight will go on - with Corbyn at our side


Housing fight will go on with Corbyn at our side


Britain faces dangerous times after the EU referendum campaign and Labour plotters trying to oust their leader, but amid it all there’s the


House building by housing associations down

Just 16.6% completions are for social rent


Building by the big housing associations fell from 40000 to 31000 last year.  Just 16.6% of them social rent according to new figures today for the top fifty developing a



The new housing act will help property developers and landlords make profits but it will do nothing for people who need affordable secure homes.  Some housing associations are currently making deep cuts hitting jobs and services while piling up record surpluses; the act prepares the way for


Housing Associations: Friend or Foe?

Housing associations have moved far from their roots in Victorian philanthropy and ’60s radicalism, says GLYN ROBBINS


BRITISH housing policy is at a crossroads. Now the Housing Bill has limped through Parli


Housing Bill ping-pong

Peers stand defiant against government plans



Hajera Blagg, Friday, May 6th, 2016 Unite Live


The government is struggling to push through its housing agenda as its Ho


The Housing Bill has got to be killed

We must restore decent, affordable council housing to the mainstream, return housing associations to their social purpose, control rents and demand secure homes for all, says GLYN ROBBINS

This week my union, Unite, described the


Health, Homes, Jobs Education! March and Rally

Save the date, book your seat for the march and rally


Saturday 16 April 2016 - London


March with the People’s Assembly on Saturday 16 April in London. Join us to demand #End


Butterfields Won't Budge!

"We Won't Budge" is the courageous slogan of a group of tenants who live in Walthamstow, east London and who aim to resist eviction from their homes, and the break up of their community.


The properties they live in were previously


New report: impact of rising rent & deposits

Need 266% pay increase
If you are young and think you're going to buy a house any time soon, thi


Jeremy Corbyn to join housing march Sunday 13th March

Thousands of people from across the country will march


Jeremy Corbyn


Islington campaign against housing bill launched


Over 100 people crammed into room 5 of Islington Town Hall and voted unanimously to form a borough-wide campaign to oppose the Housing and Planning Bill. 



The meeting was organised by Islington Hands Off Our Public Services (IHOOPS


Housing bill in the news - come to the branch to discuss

‘Pay to stay’ trap will force working families out of council homes



Today’s from page splash on VIEW

Threat to council housing featured in local press

Branch member Glyn Robbins featured in this article from the Islington Tribune.  Let us know of any press coverage you get in the battle against the houisng bill.



March Against the Housing Bill!

Saturday 30th June


Assemble 12 noon, Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road, SE1 6HZ (


Secure tenancies to be scraped



Nail in the coffin of social housing




Osborne eyes privatisation of stake in social housing

Osborne eyes privatisation of stake in social housing the splash headline in today’s Financial Times.  We have warned repeatedly of such a move. Unite housing workers will link with tenants and housin


Demanding Social Housing Not Social Cleansing!

We joined ASH (Architects for Social Housing) for a protest outside the Royal Institute of British Architects’ annual Stirlin


Architects Protest Over Social Housing Destruction

A group of architects are set to protest over the destruction of social housing and its replacement by "multi-million-pound luxury apartments and penthouses for nom-domiciled tax exiles and forei


Think tank raises threat of housing association privatisation

Policy Exchange raise threat of outright privatisation of Housing Associations


Privatising housing associations would be “the most obvious” government reaction to £60bn of debt being added to the nati


New reports show further social cleansing nightmare ahead

Perfect storm in housing: two new reports


A new report from Savills (see Inside Housing today) illustrates the mortal threat t


Jeremy Corbyn launches housing policy

Jeremy Corbyn’s plan for council house building


Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn MP published his plans to address Britain's housing crisis yesterday and they look very similar to the policies that o


Genesis manager quits following abandonment of social housing

The move by Genesis Housing Association to pull out of social and affordable housing (reported here) has provoked discussion. Today Inside Housing magazine has produced this letter of resignation from


Genesis HA ceases social housing and OHG residents protest

This week one association withdrew from developing affordable or social housing and another was censured by residents and a local authority


Genesis Housing Association has announced it will stop building either &lsquo


Pressure the Politicians - A Manifesto for Housing!

We demand that MPs and councillors move to end the housing crisis by way of the measures set out by the Unite Housing worker's Manifesto.


Please sign our petition VIEW | DOWNLOAD

In-Work Benefits Under Threat

Universal Credit has been a shambles logistically with no one knowing when different stages and aspects of implementation will happen; even when dates are announced for roll-out it has been partly a reputational exercise for Ian Duncan Smith and less to do with reality. As part of the Unite Commu


Our manifesto for housing

We work in housing and homelessness organisations so we see the impact of the housing crisis in our working lives.  We have to find places to live ourselves so we are also hit directly by the crisis ourselves.  Click on the download button below to see the short ‘manifesto’


Unite joins week of action to save council housing

Save council housing from London's mayor

Unite, is backing a week of action across the capital designed to stop the further destruction of London's council housing stock.


With housing now the third most important issue for voters in London, yet housi


Block the Budget: End the Housing Crisis

Mayor Boris Johnson is the most powerful politician in London when it comes to decisions about housing, with control over a £1.8bn budget for delivering new homes and hundreds of hectares of public land. His budget goes to the vote on 23 February and if passed, will mean more sky-high


Time to Stop the Oligarch Cranes

By London & Eastern Regional Committee Chair, Jim Kelly


On Saturday 31 January, on a cold wet windy winter day, another protest march against the madness of London’s housing market took place, building on the protests against the International Housing Fai


Unite - fighting the housing crisis

Our union’s policies on housing look very different from any of the big parties. There is work to be done.


Unite decides policy through a democratic conference; branches like ours submit resolutions and elected delegates vote on them.  The policies cover work


Stop Housing Association Privatisation

“Housing associations will be set free to roam as private companies. There is no doubt in my mind about this.... This is a juicy steak one millimetre away from a slavering dog’s mouth.  I am of course putting aside the morality.  But money is talking.  And the politicia