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Unite pressing for support for Covid domestic abuse sufferers

Increase in domestic abuse


The increase in domestic abuse across the general population caused by the pressures of the pandemic has prompted Unite the union to write to all 32 London boroughs asking them to instigate a


Unite slams race report

Race report has ‘extinguished any hope’ in addressing endemic inequalities, says Unite


Over the last year members of the Unite houisng workers branch have become increasingly active on the question of racis


Housing employers and domestic violence

80% increase


All reports point to an alarming increase in Domestic Violence during the pandemic. Over 80,000 phone calls were made to the National Domestic Abuse hotline in the first three months of lockdown last year.


BAEM workers 26 times harder hit by Covid-19 employment crisis

Pandemic 'holding up irror to discrimination'


Black and Asian ethnic minority (BAEM) workers have been 26 times harder hit by the employment crisis precipitated by the Covid-19 pandemic than their white counter


Unite Briefing: Impact of #COVID19 on women



The impact of COVID-19 has been unequal and Unite workplace reps have been on the front line.



Fighting to get housing associations to address racism

St Mungo’s staff appeal to new CEO Steve Douglas


Housing associations have marked black history month and there has been much talk of the importance of equality. But Unite reps and our members report a crushing l


Show Racism the red card partnership with Unite

Wear red day


The UK’s leading anti-racism education charity, Show Racism the Red Card (SRtRC), will tomorrow (Thursday 24 September) launch its new partnership with Unite the Union in support of the charity&rsquo


Unite: new domestic violence agreement in housing association

Seventy hours paid leave


Unite recently came to a new agreement with Peabody housing on domestic violence. It agrees to provide up to seventy hours of paid leave for employees experiencing domestic abuse and to be flex


BAME representation at senior levels - a G15 intiative

Sector has gone backwards


The ‘G15’ group of twelve large London based housing associations has launched a diploma management programme which it is claimed will increase BAME representation at senior levels


Branch meeting: What next for Black Lives Matter and the unions?

Fighting back


Following the police killing of George Floyd in Minnesota there has been a huge wave of demonstrations and protests around the world. Many branch members have been on the London events.



Debate: using police in supported housing projects

Conversations around policing


In recent weeks the Black Lives Matter protests have reverberated around the world. Many branch members have been on protests. It is no surprise that they have been a factor in increas


Housing Association to sign Unite’s Unity over Division charter

Race equality


Unite and Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA) will tomorrow (Tuesday 16 June) sign a ground-breaking agreement committing to working together to promote a more tolerant and inclusive


Carers’ Week: workplace carer’s policies can make a difference

Trivallis implement carer’s policy


Unite rep Justin Morgan, who works as carpenter for a housing association in Wales, has become a big champion for carers – despite not being one himself.



Housing sector losing ground on BME representation

Need to strengthen union


The housing sector has ‘lost ground’ on BME representation according to


New COVID 19 equalities checklist from Unite

Unite Equalities have produced a Covid 19 checklist for action. You can view it by downloading here.


See also our health and safety toolkit VIEW | DOWNLOAD

Beyond #MeToo

Heart unions week: Unite calls for legislation to prevent sexual harassment at work


A strong majority of people believe the #MeToo movement has allowed them to be more open about sexual harassment, VIEW

Unite joins new campaign to end sexual harassment at work

Sexual harassment rife


Unite has joined the TUC and an alliance of other unions, charities and women’s rights groups in a new campaign to end sexual harassment in the workplace.


The lau


70% of LGBT people sexually harassed at work - join the union!

70% of LGBT people sexually harassed at work - join the union, contact your Unite reps


  • A TUC study into LGBT sexual harassment at work in the UK found that nearly 7 in 10 (68%) lesbian, gay, bisexual


Unite wins big equal pay payout

£150,000 equal pay victory lifts lid on pay inequality at Royal Bank of Scotland


In housing associations Unite has opposed the move toward spot salaries and away from ‘the rate for the job’ and p


Women hardest hit by cuts

Women relying on council services face a triple whammy from central Government cuts to local government funding

We are fighting back but women workers are amongst the hardest hit by austerity.  Our bra


Unite’s new period dignity fight is making great inroads

"No need to secretly scurry"


Since Unite’s Period Dignity campaign national launch last September, the initiative has seen a series of successes among business both small and large


November Branch - Special Guest Speaker!



The leadership of the housing sector is not as inclusive as it should be, and doesn't reflect


Report of ACAS diversity conference

A key element of the work of our reps is promoting diversity and training is availible through the union. Let us know if you have a report to share with other branch members or if you want support.  The union currently has national campaigns for VIEW

Unite demands period dignity

Unite is demanding that women and girls have period dignity. By making changes in our workplaces, our places of education, and in society, women and girls will be able to have a positive period knowing that they are able to access sanitary products. 


                    <p style= VIEW

September Branch Meeting - Opposing the Far Right!

We're delighted to announce that our next branch meeting will open with Peter Kavannagh, Unite Regional Secretary, on opposing the rise of the far right in Britain.


Gender pay gap: what to do?

TUC produce guide for activists


Unite reps in the housing sector have been reviewing the pay gap in their organisations - the new employer reports can be found VIEW | DOWNLOAD

Sexual harassment: EHRC plans welcomed but more needed

Non disclosure agreements


Recommendations by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) including outlawing non-disclosure agreements being implemented to prevent workers complaining of sexual harassment unless in


Survey on harassment and discrimination

Trade magazine Inside Housing has launched a survey on the prevalence of harassment, discrimination and negative comments based on identity in the housing sector.


Housing staff can respond to the survey


Jennie Formby: We must do better for women

My union helped me find my voice


Yesterday we reported on the 18.4% gender pay gap at ‘Homes England’. Here Jennie Formby,


The Double – glazed glass ceiling

Black, Female, and not badly Educated



A recent survey by Inside Housing highlighted the lack of diversity at senior le


Unite Equalities Conferences

Branch members in many workplaces are taking action on a range of equalities issues and responding to Inside Housing magazine's 'Inclusive Futures' initiative.  Below Unite National officer for equ


Inclusive futures campaign highlights lack of diversity

Welcome if it results in action


The trade magazine Inside Housing has launched a major campaign promoting ‘diversity and i


Harassed at work? Unite can help

Dont suffer in silence


It all started with what at first glance might appear as an innocent comment here and there. But then the boss persisted.


Although Unite member  and Woolwich Ferry


Unite demands action following racial disparity report

Another PR exercise?

Following mounting pressure on prime minister Theresa May after repeated delays to the publication of a racial disparity report, it was announced this week (October 3) that the study will be out on Tu


Unite condemns Mears beard ban decree

Penny pinching stupidity


Unite has condemned a decree by outsourced housing maintenance company Mears, which bars workers from having beards as ‘penny pinching stupidity’.




Defend domestic violence refuges


'Sisters uncut' are organising nationwide protests highlighting the impact of cuts on domestic violence refuges and we as Unite housing workers have sent a message of support.  Below we reproduce an article from their VIEW

Unite victory for breastfeeding mums

Working women’s right to continue breastfeeding after returning to work


Unite Legal Services’ ground-breaking easyJet VIEW

Unite statement on Orlando massacre

Unite expresses its horror and revulsion at the massacre carried out at Pulse nightclub in Orlando last week, and condemns this horrific act. Our thoughts are with the friends and families of the bereaved, and with the many injured.  We extend our hand in solidarity to our brothers and siste


Pushed out for being pregnant #MothersWork

Pregnancy discrimination is shockingly rife


Two years ago at Sports Direct’s infamous warehouse in Derbyshire, where working conditions have been described as ‘Victorian’ a woman gave birth in a


Guidance on Equality Law

Having dealt with nearly 50,000 calls on discrimination last year, Acas has launched three, free equality guides to help employers and managers get to grips with the law on equality.