Branch Secretary :

Growing Unite - Recruitment Prizes!


Between the 1st February and 30th April we are giving every member the opportunity to win a prize for each new member recruited. The prizes are:

  • £15 for each new member recruited
  • £100 additional prize for each 10 members recruited
  • £50 additional prize for the highest recruiting member over the three months

The scheme is open to any member of the branch whose fees are not in arrears. To claim your prize, just fill out the information here. You can claim for up to 10 members per form. It shouldn't take long and your prize should be transferred directly into your account within two weeks. It is helpful if you can provide an email address in case there are any problems. If you need more information, please contact Branch Secretary Suzanne Muna.

And there are lots of useful resources to help you recruit new members:

  • Basic information on the benefits of membership is available here 
  • There is a recruitment leaflet you can download here
  • Unite provides specialist services as part of the membership, and details are available here
  • Finally, we have affiliated organisations with special offers and discounts here

So good luck with all your recruitment endeavours from the Unite Housing Workers branch!