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Health and Safety Toolkit

This page contains information about the rights of workers to appropriate protections and a safe working environment, particularly during the Covid-19 outbreak. 

  • Risk Assessmenst & proceedures COVID19 Unite advises no work should take place until a risk assessmenst is in place

  • Unite safety reps rights Union safety reps have specific rights and powers in the workplace.

  • S44 and S100 Employment Rights Act Your right to remove yourself from the risk of serious or imminent danger – and Unites backing for you explained by Howard Beckett, Assistant General Secreatary.

  • Requesting Data on Sickness Absence it is within the remit of Health and Safety representatives to request data on sickness levels amongst staff, This data is essential to making an informed judgements on safety questions. The leaflet includes a template request letter.

  • Housing Workers Branch briefing The leaflet contains a summary of rights under employment law and health and safety regulations, guidance on steps that can be taken if there are workplace H&S risks, and a template letter to the employer.

  • Template letter to employers - legal breaches - Covid-19 This standard text can be used to alert your executive to a serious threat in the workplace, including Covid-19.

  • Unite guide on homeworking Many employers are now facilitating homeworking to avoid travel and contact. This guide helps identify what you might ask your employer to provide and their ongoing duty of care if your workplace is your home.

  • Unite Guide on workplace infection controls and facilities This leaflet provides checklists on the measures that should be taken and facilities that should be provided if there is an infection in your workplace, including Covid-19.

  • Unite information about Coronavirus This guide helps explain the virus, how it is spread, and how you can stay safe, as well as outlining further tips on workplace organising to maintain a healthy workplace.

  • Covid checklist For reps to use for return to work, or for workplaces still opperating.

  • Unite mental health guide Under the strain of a pandemic.


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