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Unite in Catalyst has been active for several years, representing members in a range of cases against unfair treatment and also speaking up and around issues of concern. 
Two current issues include:
Sickness Policy
The harsh sick policy which was imposed last year (see more details here). Unite became aware of the issue when Catalyst began taking displinary action against members. From removing paid off time for medical appointments, through to making sick pay discretionary, this policy is punishing those who fall ill. It makes no allowances for those with disabilities or long term medical conditions which need to be managed. 
Unite members consider this policy unacceptable and leafleted the staff conference where staff were shocked to find out about the imposition of this draconian policy. Unite will continue to campaign until the policy is reversed and replaced by one which is fairer and more balanced.
Catalyst has imposed a 2% pay settlement despite Unite members submitting a claim for 4% which reflects current inflation at 3.7% RPI (see more details here). The employer has also decided that new staff will not get a bonus - cost is clearly not an issue as the bonus would only cost 0.3% of the 2016 company surplus £70m+. Management undertook a series of restructures, some of which failed and performance plummeted. In a cynical and twisted logic, Catalyst management are shamelessly using their own failures to justify withdrawal of the bonus from new recruits.
Unite has a growing and active membership in Unite. If you would like to join us and get involved, contact your Catalyst reps ( or click here to join.