Branch Secretary :

Sanctuary Housing Group

See here for details of the previous campaign over restructuring and pay cuts.

Unite has a growing membership in Sanctuary across all regions in England and Wales. We are organising in these areas get in touch if you'd like to be more involved. Contact

We are currently working with members in the Maintenance Department who are being consulted over major changes in terms and conditions. This has raised two major issues, one that many those TUPED on decent T&C's may see major cuts to annual and sick leave, as well as being threatened with union de-recognition. This also highlights wider discrepencies in terms and condition proposed for the future. See flyer for more details. Unite will be in talks with management over this and member input is essential.

Sick pay across Sanctuary is a serious health and safety issue. It puts the majority of front line workers, from care to maintenance, more at risk of suffering ill health and injury. Research from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that last year 30m days were lost to a work-related illness – for example, chronic back pain from sitting at a desk all day or stress from working long hours. It suggests that more than 20% of all sick days are caused by being at work itself. (See 'Masking Sickness at Work' )

Last year we campaigned with members in Sanctuary Supported Living (SSL) where a significant number of workers were threatened with pay cuts of between 10-30%. We worked with members to develop a both individual and collective responses to the issues. Our campaign inolving various protests, site visits and publicity won additional pay protection for members. We are now consulting members on a pay claim of 4% for 2017.