Branch Secretary :


Affinity Sutton and Circle housing associations completed their merger on November the 30th 2016 to create Clarion Housing Group. The Group immediately threatened to de-recognise the unions. This led the unions jointly o ballot for industrial action with 98% of Unite members willing to take strike action. management followed with a divisive staff survey, giving a choice between a staff forum and each of the unions. The unions jointly won the vote, however management decided to create a new staff forum and recognition only one union, Unison. Unite are challenging this whilst also campaigning on the issues members that concern our members, including restructures, sick pay, workloads and pay. This has already resulted in a victory following a campaign resisting cuts to sick pay with the right to sick pay reinstated in full. 


Someone's Been Leafletting at Clarion!

We are also putting in a pay claim after consulting members for 4%. More details on this and other issues in the most recent Clarion Unite Newsletter.

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