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Get the boost you need – Reps short training events

Get the boost you need – Reps short training events.



We know that many of you will feel really up against it at the moment and so will many of your fellow workers. Employers are constantly trying to take advantage of the situation by demanding more for less. One of our employers recently told staff that they were sacking two members of staff to pay for a pay rise for the rest of the staff! Other employers are refusing to shut down non essential repairs needlessly putting staff and residents at risk. We want to fight back but we also recognise that to do so our Reps must be confident and well trained.



Whether it's health and safety, pay or increased work loads now is the time that workers in our sector need a fighting union more than ever. Our membership is growing and that presents us with the opportunity to raise our profile and campaign for better pay, conditions and equality in the workplace. As reps and activists you will play a vital role in trying to make this happen. To support you in this the branch has put together a 4 week course to help equip you with the skills to achieve these goals.




This is not an alternative to the reps courses offered by the Unite's training department but an add on as we know that many of you find it difficult to get time off to complete the 5 day courses so as an immediate stop gap we are offering a 4 week course of evening sessions which aim to be informative, interactive and fun.



Please confirm your attendance as soon as possible. If the current course is oversubscribed then we will run a second course to meet demand so please indicate if you can attend this course or want to book on to the next one. The course will be conducted on zoom. we will send out login details to your private email once you have confirmed your attendance.



Week 1 - What would a good Rep do? 15th February @6.30pm


Week 2 - Case work handling. 22nd February @6.30pm


Week 3 - Winning in the workplace. 1st March @6.30pm


Week 4 - Unravelling Recognition. 8th March @6.30pm



These short events are organised by us in the branch. Don’t forget to checkout Unites full training programme.


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