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Stop G4S: A Briefing for Trade Unionists


G4S – an issue for all trade unionists 


As part of its campaign to highlight the global human rights abuses carried out by the G4S corporation, Unite has produced a helpful bulletin for trade unionists:


"Trade unionists have every reason to challenge G4S as it tramples over public services and union policies. We oppose privatisation, confront racism, and support effective international solidarity, similar to the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions which helped to end the apartheid regime in South Africa. 


"Union sponsored Councillors and MPs need to know the facts and understand procurement law, and exercise their powers to oppose corporate abuse of power. We hope and expect they will read this Briefing carefully, and consider how they can choose not to contract with G4S. Public services and their workforce have experienced severe cuts and are facing more. Central and local government has outsourced, deregulated and privatised - cutting standards and losing jobs while reducing terms and conditions."



Please download the bulletin and find out how you can get involved in putting a stop to G4S!