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Peabody workers make 10% pay claim

Following consultation with members Unite at Peabody submit pay claim


The pay claim applies to all sections across the whole of Peabody. This is a step forward and is the first time that Unite have submitted a unified pay claim for all staff. 10% is nothing less than we deserve after working through a global pandemic.


We are now living through the most severe cost of living crisis in 40 years and a 10% wage increase would only just keep our heads above water with inflation running at 9%.


Grim reality


Unless we are successful in securing a decent pay rise this year the reality for staff is grim. Life is already difficult for Peabody staff as our member’s survey shows:


*  86% of our members have expressed concerns about their ability to pay their bills in the next year especially as we have been told to prepare for a doubling of fuel bills or worse.


*  28% of you told us that you had used a food bank in the last 12 months or will have to do so imminently.


*  64% of staff confirmed that they are working in departments where there are staff shortages, meaning existing staff are often picking up the slack. Could Paebody’s failure to fill these gaps have anything to do with low pay?


Pay gap


No wonder that over half those who were surveyed said they would consider looking for jobs in another sector because the wages were so low at Peabody!


Whilst pay for the vast majority of workers at Peabody lags behind the cost-of-living increase, we are seeing a further gap opening up between those at the top and those below. Last year 272 members of staff earned over £60k now that figure has risen to 299. We say that all workers need a decent pay rise, not just those climbing the greasy pole.


Affordable Pay Claim


Our pay claim is not only reasonable, but it is affordable. Peabody’s last financial statement shows that their operating margins are a very healthy 23% and this year’s half yearly figures show an equally healthy increase in their turnover and profits.


In September 2020 Brendan Sarsfield, then Peabody CEO, stated “All the evidence points to widening inequality since March which is only going to get worse without a change of plan.” Absolutely! And he should know because he contributed to this when he was CEO by holding down wages at the organisation. Only a determined and unified effort by workers can reverse this by fighting for a decent wage increase. If you are not already a member of Unite, please join up today to help us win 10%! Click here



Unite is supporting a national demonstration on the cost of living crisis on Saturday 18th June.


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