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Peabody caretakers fight for parity

Essential work


Caretakers at Peabody are often told how essential their work is to the maintenance of buildings and the wellbeing of tenants, yet their employer seems to think that some caretakers are more essential than others. Unite has recently been made aware of significant differences in pay and conditions which is why we are calling for Peabody to introduce parity of pay and conditions amongst all staff who do the same job.



Over the years as Peabody has grown it has taken on responsibility for many additional buildings and projects. We believe that it is scandalous that Peabody has still not agreed to harmonise pay and conditions. When mergers take place, it is very rare for senior managers not to have their terms and conditions harmonised and they always levelled up not down. Caretakers employed by Peabody do not enjoy the same terms, pay and conditions as their colleagues are only asking to be treated in the same way as senior management.


Unequal Treatment


One caretaker who Unite recently spoke to explained how she had had to take time off due a fractured ankle. Tragically she is one of those caretakers whose contract does not permit her to be paid contractual sick pay which meant she was only entitled to SSP. She is not the only one to suffer due to this unequal treatment and nor has she just suffered a loss of wages. In adding insult to injury, she missed out on her annual bonus as is penalised by losing £50 per day from her bonus for every day lost through sickness. In total this worker has probably lost thousands of pounds in total!


This is nothing short of a disgrace and very far from the levelling up agenda which Peabody management claim to support. Unite says that if Peabody is serious about treating staff equally and with respect they need to immediately address these issues and put all staff who have the same job on the same pay, terms and conditions. Unite is currently consulting with those affected with a view to formally lodging a claim for Peabody to bring all caretakers up to the same level. If you are affected by this and want to help us win justice for all caretakers, then places get in touch with us.


In other news!


Victory on struggle for Pay parity in Older People’s services


Unite are pleased to announce that Peabody have taken on board the concerns and anger of legacy Family Mosaic members working in Older Peoples Services regarding pay disparity and are now consulting on a pay increase to put them on a par with colleagues in similar roles within legacy Peabody and this being backdated to 2020. For those who are affected by the shortfall this will mean a substantial payment of back pay and a pay rise in some cases of several thousand pounds. This follows a survey and petition of staff in the team showing extremely high levels of dissatisfaction with the harmonisation of roles and salaries following the Family Mosaic/Peabody merger in 2018.


A meeting was held to discuss members' concerns and meetings with senior management followed. Unite have been campaigning on this issue for some time so whilst we are pleased this is now being addressed, it is concerning that this situation has rumbled on since 2018. This also raises concerns about the current Catalyst merger and the potential of similar situations in other teams. Unite in Peabody will continue to address unfairness on behalf of our members and believe that when organisations are merging that differences in pay and conditions should be harmonised up and there should be no delay to this.


Unite continues to fight for a decent pay increase in Peabody see here.



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