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Housing workers to strike: join the national protest 18th June

Thirteen group 83.5% vote to strike


Workers at Thirteen Group, the large Teesside based housing association have voted to strike. 83.5% voted to strike on a turnout of 60.6%.



Unless management sees sense, strikes will begin on Saturday 25th June.




Members of LE1111 branch send solidarity. We will be marching on June 18th and members in our branch are in dispute on very similar issues.  Housing employers need to take note!


The protest on June 18th is the perfect opportunity for workers to come together in a show of strength sending a clear message to the bosses that they need to pay workers a decent pay rise in the face of the most severe cost of living crisis in the last 40 years.


Unite at St. Mungos have tabled a demand for 10%. Mungo’s workers were not happy with the 1.75% offer which was also offered to local authority workers, so they are now engaged in a battle for a wage increase to offset this terrible cost of living crisis. So far nearly 400 have signed the staff petition set up by Unite calling for the Mungo’s to increase their pay offer.






Local government workers in Unite around the country have taken strike action and some have chalked up victories already.



Hestia workers have gone one better and are demanding a 13.25% uplift. This has infuriated management who have clearly been rattled by Unite's growth over the last year and member's confidence in demanding a pay rise. Management have responded with a letter calling on Unite to effectively cease all trade union activity! Unite have issued a robust letter in defence of members and refusing to rule out strike action unless management back down.



28% staff used a foodbank



Unite at Peabody have followed the trend by putting in a claim for 10% across the board having recently extended their recognition to cover legacy Catalyst workers following the recent merger. Unite at Peabody recently surveyed their members on pay and were horrified to discover that 28% of staff had used a food bank in the last year due to low pay and 86% expressed concerns about not being able to pay their bills next year unless they received a 10% pay rise.



One Housing Group (OHG) workers also put in a claim of 10% and although they had a pay rise imposed for substantially less than that figure their fellow workers at Riverside who recently merged with OHG have balloted for strike action over their pay deal. OHG workers have agreed to consider further action if their pay claim is not raised in line with their brothers and sisters at Riverside.



Join the demo – with our branch



This demonstrates not only the growing anger of housing workers but the increasing confidence of members to take on their bosses in the defence of their livelihoods. The TUC demonstration on the 18th June will be a great opportunity for housing workers to join their brothers and sisters from other sectors to fight for decent pay rises. A big turnout on this event will greatly increase workers' confidence to fight back against the austerity of the rich bosses.



Please join us on the demo. The Housing workers will be meeting up at the corner of Margaret Street and Regent Street W1B 3AP at 11.15am there will be flags, whistles, clappers, solidarity......and coffee plus the sun will be shining. We look forward to seeing you there.




12 June 2022






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