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Strike Day 5 Report

Doing the Locum – otion.


Day 5 has seen the most incredible examples of solidarity extended towards our members from a range of trade unionists, councilors and commissioners.


Before the rain had stopped and before the day had really begun £170 was presented to our dispute on the picket line at Griffin House by Unite members working for the NUT union.


Then, later, at a rally of 130 Unite members outside Islington Town Hall we listened to Jim Kelly, Unite Regional Chair tell us that £10,000 had been released to our strike fund by the national union.


It was announced that all Locum workers who have been on strike will receive strike pay! Great news and no more than is deserved for solid members of our union. Locums have played an important role in making this strike strong.  


Ken Muller, Joint Secretary of Islington NUT delivered an inspiring speech about the need for solidarity and presented us with £80 that had been collected that morning for our dispute.


James Murray, Executive Member for Housing at Islington Council, talked about the need for fairness in pay for workers in our sector. He pledged his support.


Richard Watts, Leader of Islington Council, spoke about cutting his own salary on taking his job in order to show leadership. Doing this, along with other measures taken by the council, meant that they were able to give their lowest paid workers a pay rise!


Mr Watts stated that he would be writing to Howard Sinclair to express his concern about the imposed changes at St. Mungo’s Broadway.


At the rally outside Westminster City Hall we heard from Ian Hodson, National President of the Bakers Union – BFAWU. 


Later the same evening a delegation of SMB Unite members attended parliament for a meeting in the Committee Rooms at the House of Commons where our dispute was raised by Adam Lambert and discussed in a meeting of MP’s and other workers and activists.


All in all, an incredible day yet again. And yet again members were out in force across London and beyond, on the picket lines and at the rally’s.


Congratulations to everyone who protested today!


And now for something completely predictable…


Howard Sinclair kept up his unique outreach service to members on strike on Day 5 of the dispute. He arrived at Pagnell Street and accused members on the picket line there of using physical force to stop people entering the building.


It was unclear exactly what he was talking about as there was only him and the pickets present at the time. It is of course completely untrue that any intimidating behaviour has taken place at that picket line.


Thankfully, Jenny Mair, Rep for Lewisham, was on hand to put him straight about the facts.



Unite members at St Mungo’s Broadway say this:


Howard Sinclair, sit down with us and negotiate a way forward out of this deadlock.


The union wants to find a workable solution to this dispute. Do you?




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