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Going for Recognition at Catalyst

At Catalyst we have just started the formal process of forcing our management to sign a Recognition Agreement with Unite.


We’re doing this so that we can bind the employer in to an agreement that ensures there is proper negotiation on things such as pay, policies & procedures, redundancies, H&S and other terms and conditions. At the moment we have an ICC committee which is a management-run employee consultation body. Reps are elected to this body but they tend to be those looking to curry favour with management – the committee is toothless as it can only ‘consult’ with staff and it has no access to independent advice and no formal right to disagree with proposed changes. Often management just ignore it anyway.


The process for gaining statutory recognition is managed by the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC). In order for them to consider your claim, you have to be able to demonstrate that 10% or more of the proposed bargaining unit are Unite members (we now have about 15%), AND you have to be able to demonstrate that a majority of the employees in the proposed bargaining unit may support Unite recognition.


We launched a petition to try and demonstrate this support in the workforce at the company Xmas Conference – we got about 150 signatures here, and in the last week we have started going round our offices to continue adding names. The goal is to get to about 350.


If we get this and Catalyst still won’t voluntarily recognise Unite, we will apply to the CAC for a ballot to be held where we will have to get 40% of the bargaining unit to vote in our favour (as well as winning the ballot).


If you are employed at Catalyst and wish to join the union, please contact us here or join online here.


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