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Clarion plan to deny sick pay for first three days of illness

Hardly a way to boost morale


Newly created housing association giant, ‘Clarion’ is planning an attack on staff terms and conditions meaning that staff will not receive occupational sick pay for the first three days of illness, regardless of length of service as Inside Housing report today.  New staff, and staff who are promoted, will be hit by the changes which follow proposals to end Unite recognition in the association.  Hardly the way to boost morale in the new organisation.


Sadly the message to staff from the new management team is only too clear: you are not valued.  Unite will support members in Clarion in resisting these attacks.  Comments from Inside Housing readers include;


“Blimey. I had one day off sick in 4 years working there as I was kept in hospital overnight. Can't believe they wouldn't pay me sick pay for that day under new rules. Sort out the staff who are not genuinely ill if there's a problem with that by going through the disciplinary procedure. Talk about kicking people while they are down.”


“And let's not forget Clarion has a combined turnover of £827m, a surplus before tax of £233m and existing assets worth £20bn.”


“Hope the unions don't let this go through. Deal with sickness using disciplinary procedures if there is an issue.  I would dread to work for a organisation like this.”


Suzanne Muna


Unite members across the sector are concerned that mergers are being used by ruthless managements to undermine the pay and conditions of staff in the sector.  Suzanne Muna, Unite Executive Council members and LE1111 branch secretary commented:


“Within weeks of creating the biggest housing association in the country Clarions management have made moves to derecognise Unite and to worsen terms and conditions.  Unite is absolutely committed to supporting our members in the sector in any action they take to defend themselves; employers take note!  In Circle we have worked with management positively for many years.  I would appeal to the new management team to take a step back from this disgraceful path.”


Financial hardship


The Inside Housing report adds:  "staff had raised concerns over the change, warning it could cause financial hardship and force people to “drag themselves in” if they are unwell.

Occupational sick pay is a contractual arrangement between employers and staff, and tops up statutory sick pay to full or a proportion of normal salaries. Statutory sick pay is set at £88.45 per week and is paid after four days’ continual absence."


Comments :

This is shameful of this organisation l this we need a concerted effort of all the unions in the organisation recognise or not they need to let the management knows that workers are part of stakeholders. Solidarity with the staff.

By David Oladele on 2017-02-17 11:45:53


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