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Elections: Your union is run by you

Ballot papers posted from 27 March


Elections run until 19th April


Following discussion at a recent branch meeting we nominated the following candidates and would encourage members to support them. Details of the election process are available on the Unite website.


Len Mcluskey for General Secretary


..and for the Executive council the following lay members:


Kwasi Agyemang-Prempeh,


Richard Allday,


Suzanne Muna (our branch secretary who works for the Homes and Communities Agency)


and Dennis Wilson


A letter from Suzanne...


It a time of great change and uncertainty for workers in our region, and we have everything to fight for as our bosses take advantage of the economic uncertainty to squeeze workers ever harder and increase levels of exploitation in our workplaces


Getting the vote out for your nominated candidates to ensure that we remain a democratic, fighting union is now our highest priority!


This branch nominated Len McCluskey to lead our union and a slate of candidates to represent you on the executive council.  The candidates Kwasi Agyemang-Prempeh, Richard Allday, Suzanne Muna and Dennis Wilson have served in the previous round and have a track record of delivering.


They fought anti-union bosses and successfully signed off recognition agreements with firms such as DP World in Essex and ENGIE in EDF nuclear power stations.  They supported action by low paid workers and stood firm against blacklisting.  They promoted major campaigns to win union recognition and better conditions in the notoriously worker-hostile hotel and catering industries, and won an exemplary fight against the giant Sports Direct which showed that Unite is the union for all workers, no matter where they are from.


In the next three years we want to build on and extend these victories, but doing so will depend on our branches reminding members to vote and make sure that ballot papers are returned.


We will:

  • Fight for improved wages – the odds are too often stacked against us and we need to maximise our strength.
  • Fight the anti union laws – the legislation that aims to disadvantage workers even further.
  • Support workers in struggle – e.g. the BA Mixed Fleet members currently fighting for decent pay and conditions. They, along with our members at GM in the automotive sector, on Cross rail, on the buses, in St Mungos, and in the NHS, deserve a determined leadership which refuses to be intimidated by oppressive legislation or aggressive employers.


You will be hearing a lot in the media against Len.  The bosses and their friends in the media are scared of a strong union, so are the bosses! Support Len and his team so he can continue the work of building a stronger union.


Please vote for his supporters on the Executive Council from London & Eastern Region; Kwasi Agyemang-Prempeh, Richard Allday Suzanne Muna and Dennis Wilson


Suzanne Muna

Branch Secretary

Unite Housing Workers branch LE1111


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