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And The Winners Are ...

Ten housing associations were given Tarnished Trophies at the Alternative Housing Awards on the 26th April, to loud jeers by residents and workers. 

  1. Overall Lousy Landlord - Hyde Housing Association Limited
  2. Senseless Social Cleansing and Dodgy Development – Clarion Housing Group
  3. Blundering Board and Management - Peabody Trust
  4. Most Rotten Repairs - Genesis Housing Association Limited
  5. Soaring Service Charges - Family Mosaic Housing
  6. Rocketing Rents - One Housing Group Limited
  7. Customer Disservice – Notting Hill Housing Trust
  8. Overall Bullying Bosses - Clarion Housing Group Limited
  9. Interminable Restructures - East Thames Limited & London & Quadrant
  10. Poverty Pay - Sanctuary Housing Association
  11. Punitive Performance Management  -  Catalyst Housing Limited


There were a further six in the Roll Call of Disgrace: Gateway Housing Association, Habinteg Housing Association, Helena Partnerships, Sentinel Housing Association, Torus62 Limited, and Tower Hamlets Community Housing Limited


Click Download for the rationale behind each award, and see here for photos of the ceremony.


Housing Association Executives were greeting by a crowd of protesting residents and workers as they approached the UK Housing Awards on Wednesday at the Royal Lancaster Hotel.


Inside the hotel, a fine dinner awaited at £1,980 per table, with drinks reception and free wine. Outside the hotel, residents and workers handed out a series of Bad Awards  covering Most Rotten Repairs (Genesis), Soaring Service Charges (Family Mosaic), Rocketing Rents (One Housing Group), Bullying Bosses (Clarion), and Poverty Pay (Sanctuary), among others.


The award for overall Lousy Landlord drew loud approval when it was presented to Hyde Housing Association after the association claimed it could not afford to run community centres despite revenue of £351m in 2016, a surplus of £95m, and CEO pay of £220k in 2016.


Branch Secretary of the Unite Housing Workers Branch and one of the organisers of the event Suzanne Muna said:


“Housing associations began with charitable aims, to lift the working class from the misery of slum dwellings and away from the grasp of savage landlords, but over the years, these aims have become subordinate to amassing great surpluses. We’re here to have a bit of fun tonight, but our aim is deadly serious – we want to remind housing associations what they were set up for, and to demand decent homes, decent services and decent jobs and conditions.”


One of the Hyde residents who asked to remain nameless said:


“You can see the executives going in looking well-groomed in their bow ties and tuxedos. They’re on salaries of over £200,000. Yet we’re having to live with mouldy, damp, disgusting conditions because we can’t get basic repairs done. My kids are always getting ill and miss school because they’re sick. Instead of using our rents for posh dinners Why don’t they do something to make sure their properties are maintained for a change?”


Just down the road in Hyde Park, the highest number of rough sleepers of any London borough prepared to bed down for the evening. A damning indictment of housing policy failures over the years.




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