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St Mungos in industrial action ballot

Management walked out of the last negotiations at the ACAS conciliation service. For more about the dispute see here - and for victimisation concerns see here.


For material on the earlier strike in St Mungos see here.


The text below was sent to members in St Mungos:


We are writing to you in response to the email you received from Howard Sinclair yesterday (1 August) about Unite’s decision to ballot you for strike action.


Contrary to what Howard Sinclair says, this decision was not taken because Unite is hell-bent on striking – far from it.  It was taken because we have faced an intransigent employer, unwilling to address issues of very serious concern for you, our members – issues that threaten jobs, and the quality of the service you deliver. 


And yes, he did walk out. But more importantly senior management are still not listening. Despite, what Howard Sinclair says the core issues in dispute remain.


In a nut shell:

  • They still want to rip up the six year old union-negotiated junior staffing cap agreement – a move that will lead to lower paid junior assistants replacing experienced project workers.
  • They have cut annual leave for a significant number of members. Let’s get to the point: telling shift workers that they now need to take more than one day of leave entitlement to take a day off work is a cut in their leave, not a “correction”.
  • They are sticking with a punitive sickness policy. We have asked for the 16 month review period to be reduced and they did not offer any alternative. They are adamant that employees have to contact their manager and HR when sick.
  • They are still refusing to take action to curb the draconian use of discipline. Unite have proposed potential changes to the policy to give us greater confidence in disciplinary processes.  All such changes have been rejected out-of-hand.
  • They are still refusing to provide employee lists to Unite for collective bargaining purposes – and yes, this is in clear breach of our recognition agreement.
  • They are still refusing to row back on docking the pay of employees attending union meetings.
  • They have refused to acknowledge that working with immigration enforcement teams damaged its employees’ professional integrity and risked the safety of outreach teams. They refuse to provide assurances with respect to their future conduct in this area.

You can read our latest briefing, addressing Howard Sinclair's claims by clicking here.

We’re disappointed that Howard Sinclair and his senior management team would rather whip up division and plough ahead with changes that threaten your jobs and the integrity of the service you provide to some of the country’s most vulnerable people. 


It is even more disappointing that Sinclair is failing to see that his attacks on your terms and conditions, heavy-handed disciplinary procedures and punitive sickness policies are destroying morale.


What members are telling us is that you’ve had enough of the threats to your jobs, your union and your professionalism.  You’ve had enough of good colleagues leaving our organisation.


Please send Howard and his team a clear message when your ballot paper arrives by voting YES for strike action.


Share your story with us at:



If you haven’t received your ballot paper by Thursday 8 August please urgently email, including your home address.


Together we can defend jobs and service quality at St Mungo’s. Together we will win.


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