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One Housing Group offer “insulting” 0.5% pay increase

Offer costing less than CEO’s pay


One Housing Association workers are told by their employer that as workers they are OHG's greatest asset. Then they are offered a 0.5% pay rise!


This pay rise would cost One Housing £228,000 which is less than the annual salary of their Chief Exec Richard Hill who is paid £232,000!


Are they having a laugh? The workers don't think so. The printable reactions made by staff to the offer are, "insulting!", "An Outrage".


Ballot for action


OHG need to revise their offer or face the possibility of a ballot for action!



Unite at OHG put forward a claim for a 5% wage rise this year. They have been offered 0.5%! Are management having a problem with their decimal points?


Time to look again or face possible strike action! Join Unite now and fight for a decent pay rise!


Unable to make ends meet


Average pay settlements are running at between 4-5% according to government figures. OHG have offered their staff 0.5% many of whom are key workers who continued to go to work throughout the pandemic. 


Senior housing figure and former Chartered Institute of Housing president Alison Inman has called for a new conversation about pay in housing associations and “about the number of people working for housing organisations who are themselves in rent arrears, using foodbanks, unable to make ends meet.”


This offer is a tenth of what many employers are offering and only half as much as the disgraceful offer of 1% made to NHS workers. OHG workers have said this is not enough, Unite has said that this is not enough. In the NHS Unite is supporting the call for a 15% increase. We want 5% now! Join Unite now and fight with us!


"OHG is financially strong with substantial undrawn funding facilities already in place which will enable us to meet the challenge ahead" according to One Housing Group’s Financial statement 2020.


Pay offer to staff 0.5% February 2021. Unite at One Housing say draw on your facilities and pay the staff, your greatest asset, a decent wage. Invest in the future. 5% now!


Unite at One Housing members survey shows real anger at One Housing's pay offer of 0.5%. Senior management's pay continues to grow, and the majority of workers pay continues to drop.


Unite calls on staff not to get angry on your own, join the fight back with Unite - "If you spit on your own you can't do anything, if we all spit together we can drown the bastards"


Nick Auvache


March 16th 2021


Comments :

Long long ago at One Housing Unite the Union called on OHG to pay the front line workers a Corona Bonus for their valiant efforts at keeping everything running whilst Management worked from home but theyou said they did not want to insult the staff who are their GREATEST ASSET. So what are you doing now by offering them this disgraceful pay award?

By Mr Sean Traynor on 2021-03-16 22:39:23


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