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One Housing Group: lack of appreciation of staff

Redundancies in lettings department


One housing Group should be a not for profit organisation, however it is in fact a highly profit driven. This is having a shocking effect on employees by creating an unhealthy negative working environment, exploiting employees by working extremely high amounts of hours in excess of their contractual obligations to meet management expectations. Additionally, in their lettings department, OHG are not rehiring for vacant posts and introducing major restructures by threatening more than 50% redundancies of frontline staff who are already overloaded with their workflow. On top of that OHG are creating huge numbers of heads and assistant directors.


Risking lives


In past months staff have been congratulated for their efforts and dedication to keep the organisation going through the difficult time of the pandemic, risking their lives and health, but now facing the threat of job losses.


The staff were assured that during the redundancy consultation period they will receive the answers, that their proposal will be taken into consideration to keep the redundancies to minimum and they will be offered redeployment. However, during the consultations, which are proving to be a one sided conversation and not "meaningful" at all, One Housing has failed to provide any clarity or to ensure that everyone in the organisation understand their options and explain why such a restructure is necessary.




Indifferent management approach has left staff in limbo and created a stressful workplace where no leadership has been given. The consultation process has been rushed just to meet the minimum legal requirements in an attempt to avoid further disputes from staff. It takes weeks for the directors to respond to questions with answers that don't match the questions, however they pressure the staff to be ready for the meetings without giving adequate notice and time to prepare.   


Poor decision making


One Housing have promised their staff extensive benefit packages and competitive salaries but the reality has been an erosion in pay and the withdrawal of our benefits such as cancelling medicash. The benefits being cut without any notice and staff are not being rewarded for their sacrifices.  


Many concerns have been raised by workers in the past years about the management of One Housing, however most decisions have been made without consulting and analysing accurate data and feedback from the staff. Poor decision making of management has impacted the company's sustainability and its ability to foresee upcoming risks. Implementing restructures, reducing frontline staff and depriving staff of their benefits is a way for OHG to conceal management mistakes and mishandling.


Many of us have worked on the frontline throughout the pandemic, we were refused a Corona bonus, were awarded an insulting 0.5% pay rise and then sent cheap chocolates through the post to thank us for our hard work! Now our final reward is a restructure that threatens our jobs and takes no account of our skills. If anybody's job should be at risk, it should be the jobs of senior management who run this association like a merry go round! Senior management will not be rewarded with cheap chocolate and nor should we so staff must continue to challenge management decisions and fight for justice at work. Unite will lead that charge.


One Housing group worker




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