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London Mayor to be petitioned over keyworker list

Essential during the pandemic


A group of workers have set up an action group called Care and Support Workers Organise (CaSWO) and have launched a petition asking Sadiq Khan and members of The London Assembly to follow through on the promise to recognise the “service and sacrifice” made by care, support, and other essential workers during the pandemic by including them on the keyworker list.



Despite being lauded as “essential” during the pandemic, this group of workers are currently excluded from the key worker list that would give them preferential access to genuinely affordable housing through housing association key worker schemes. 




In London, the average wage for care workers in the independent sector is £1483 per month while the median monthly rent was most recently estimated at £1475 per month. Extortionate housing costs mean despite working incredibly hard, huge numbers of care and support workers can barely get by. 


CaSWO are asking to be included in the Greater London Authority’s ‘core’ definition of key workers, therefore giving this group of workers priority for cheaper housing. This housing should be genuinely affordable for those on low wages and accessible to all that require it. 


You can sign the petition here.


As the last 18 months has demonstrated, society would not be able to function without the work done by care and support workers and every single one of them deserves to be able to afford to live comfortably and securely within the communities they work so hard to serve. 


Care and Support Workers Organise! (CaSWO!) was formed during the coronavirus pandemic following the PPE crisis. They are organising across unions for the rights and recognition of care and support workers in the UK.


July 17th 2021


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