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Our Manifesto

In particular, we want to use this document to influence the forthcoming London mayoral and assembly elections, but it will also be used across the country. We aim to demand that our politicians protect social housing in particular and, more broadly, take action to end the housing crisis.
It has been done before
Social housing, both housing association and council built, only came into existence following periods of acute housing shortage and through mass campaigns to provide a national solution to the crisis. Since the peak of council house building in the post-war period, slowly but surely, the sector has been de-regulated, stock has been transferred to the private sector, and development has failed to keep up with people's need for properly affordable homes. At the same time, services for homeless people and welfare support to avoid homelessness have been savagely and repeatedly cut.
The Manifesto
The housing sector changes constantly and we need to keep our Manifesto up to date. If you can spare a few moments to look at the manifesto and send us your ideas on the political demands we should include, or suggestions for changes to existing demands. Click on the image to view the Manifesto.
Your ideas will then be discussed by the Branch Committee and will be included in the formal consultation for the London mayoral election for 2016. Sadiq Khan, the Unite backed Labour candidate, is engaged with Unite over the Labour Party's plans should they succeed in winning the election. You can also send your ideas and comments through the message box here.
Unite Housing Workers Branch Committee

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