Branch Secretary :

May Day 2014

Assistant Branch Secretary Arti Dillon reports live on the day ...

We joined thousands of celebrators at the annual May Day march under the RMT slogan "Don't Mourn, Organise!" in memory of Bob Crow and Tony Benn.


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It was International Workers Memorial Day - and what better day to launch a ballot at One Housing Group over the suspension of lead convenor, Bryan Kennedy.  Despite printing over  200 flyers, we ran out of them even before the march set off!


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The 'I'm Bryan' fashion range was very much noted and supported. 


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We also came across some random Bryans who were from Unite in Scouseland.

After some chanting against cuts, for workers unity and other shoutyness, we listened to a range of speakers.. Several noted the need for a new workers' party and some said how we needed to 'redouble our efforts' (Frances O'Grady of the TUC), in beween which the crowd shouted 'General Strike'!


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We requested a spot on the stage and Paul Kershaw, Branch Chair, elequently reported on our campaigns in social care and housing, noting the need for a general strike, and highlighting the outrageous behaviour of One Housing Group ... despite a lake being poured over our heads.  

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Some members 'press bombed' RTE and others filming and Iran station did a few interviews. Chezell did interviews with some odd press people and we made our way to the pub. 


I have to say, we were so quiet, I don't think anyone noticed we were there ... honestly!

Arti Dillon

Assistant Branch Secretary