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Sanctuary Housing: workers to protest

Profits up by a quarter


Sanctuary housing workers trade union, Unite, have called a protest this Saturday against low pay, real terms pay cuts following a below inflation pay rise, bullying, unmanageable workloads and attempts to make them work longer hours for no more pay.



Sanctuary workers are understandably fed up especially as their bosses recently boasted about their 25% increase in profits for this year. To add insult to injury Sanctuary management then went on to say that they were intending to “invest” £100m this year in its current stock but did not feel that they could afford to offer workers a decent pay rise! We also understand that they also paid off a whacking £300m loan it borrowed from the Bank of England.


Strong balance sheet, liquidity and surplus


So how can Sanctuary say they don’t have enough money to pay a decent pay rise. They don’t lack the money, they lack the will which is a disgrace after all the sacrifices that caretakers, plasterers, plumbers, housing officers and support staff made during the Covid period. Unite say now it is payback time.


Even last year when Sanctuary’s profits dipped, they still made a very healthy profit. Even Sanctuary's CEO admitted this at the time when he said, “Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, Sanctuary has been resilient….Our strong balance sheet, liquidity and surplus, alongside the commitment of our staff and our ability to quickly pivot our services in response to significant and swift change, have enabled us to deliver business as usual.” 


Workplace stress


The bonanza at Sanctuary has continued as shown by this years financial statement: surplus up from £46m to £56m, revenue up from from £765m to £812m, operating margin up to 22.2% from 22.1%, Not surprisingly workplace stress is up as well. That statistic does not feature in Sanctuary’s financial statement, but it should because these financial achievements have been won at the expense of the blood, sweat and tears of its workers who the CEO credits in words but not in money.


This is why we are appealing for workers at Sanctuary to attend the protest on Saturday hosted by Unite. We need to raise our profile and fight collectively for a fairer settlement in terms of pay, in terms of workload and in terms of the general treatment of staff. Please meet us at Turnpike Lane Tube 11.30am this Saturday 16th July, march with us, protest with us, join us and fight for justice at Sanctuary.


  • 10% pay increase for all staff
  • No to Bullying management and no to Unmanageable workloads
  • No unpaid work time, Work starts when you start work.



Join us on July 16th, meet up at Turnpike lane tube station @11.30am
- We want a pay rise not a pay cut - 10% now!
- End bullying at Sanctuary now!
- End the more for less culture at Sanctuary. 
- Rents rising faster than salaries pushes us into debt. Freeze rent increases now!
- Pay workers not contractors. Insource work on decent wages!




Nick Auvache 13 July 2022


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