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Meridian Water: Call for truly affordable council homes

Halt plans for unaffordable homes - build council homes under a Labour government


Chance to offer hope to those trapped by Enfield's housing emergency


Labour Party conference agreed a policy of mass council house building.  The election of a labour government would change the policy envirnoment and allow the building of homes truly affordable for local working class residents.


Counillor Tolga Aramaz who will be known to many of our members has called for capital spending decisions on the controversial project to be halted until after the general election and our branch is supporting this call - see press statement below.


Tolga Aramaz


Today Unite housing workers welcome call by Cllr Aramaz to delay Meridian Water capital spending decision until after election.


The Meridian Water development in Edmonton proposes the construction of up to 10,000 homes on council owned land.  Unite housing workers fully support the call by the “Meridian for Council Homes” campaign for these to be genuinely affordable secure council homes at social rent.  Cllr. Aramaz calls for decisions to be halted until after the election.  Currently the council is scheduled to take an important and controversial decision on capital funding at its meeting on Wednesday 20th November.


  • End Enfield’s housing emergency – elect a Labour government committed to Jeremy Corbyn’s policies.
  • Housing workers welcome proposal for 100% council housing in Enfield’s Meridian Water development.
  • Halt plans for unaffordable homes – build council homes under a Labour government.


Existing plans for Meridian Water would produce homes unaffordable for local residents.


Development land is scarce, no further steps to use the land for anything other than council homes should be taken until after the election.


Enfield faces a housing emergency but if a Labour government is elected in December committed to a mass programme of grant funded council house building the potential is huge.  There would be light at the end of the tunnel for the homeless, for people living in temporary accommodation and for people in unaffordable substandard and overcrowded homes.


Suzanne Muna, Unite housing workers branch secretary and Unite Executive Council member commented, “This is a great opportunity to offer hope to around 4000 people languishing on Enfield Council’s housing waiting list, not to mention people in temporary accommodation, expensive private sector accommodation and in overcrowded homes.  I was shocked to read of an Enfield resident who had been in temporary accommodation for 21 years.  New figures show council’s annual spend on temporary accommodation has jumped 9% to £1.1bn. Let’s not continue to waste vast sums of money like this – let’s build social rent council homes.”


Paul Kershaw, housing workers branch chair commented, “We can’t let this chance to end Enfield’s housing emergency slip through our fingers.  The former public land where the old Chase Farm hospital was demolished has been developed privately by Linden Homes – part of Galliford Try who will build the first phase of Meridian Water – and the cheapest home available today costs £790,000.  Given the scale of Enfield housing crisis that is an insult to local people.  Let’s not waste more public land.  I welcome the proposal to call a halt to plans to build unaffordable homes. Certainly, with a Labour government we could do so much better.  As a minimum let’s not proceed when we have the prize of a government committed to social housing in sight”



Comments :

As a retired London council housing worker I completely agree with this decision, with the proviso that if any work anticipating a Corbyn victory can be started before the election, then it should be! I remember in the early 1970s the borough I worked for had 3000 new homes to rent in a year, in addition to re-lets and GLC and New Town nominations! Bring it back !! I will raise in my Unite Community Branch [LE/00021 Peterborough/Fenland/Kings Lynn ]

By steve cawley on 2019-11-18 17:20:33


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